Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Talks Will Fail

Whoever believed the Iran Nuclear talks were a done deal, they are greatly mistaken !

UPDATE :January 17, 2016

Iran nuclear deal: US imposes new sanctions over missiles

UPDATE: 2015 It's not a done deal yet.
The devil is in the details, literaly.

The talks were doomed to fail from the start. This was always Iran's staged production to stand up to and embarass their number 1 mortal enemy. Iran is playing the empty suits from Washington into a trap they cannot escape. The destroyer in the White House will need to regain some credibility and get tough or look like a loser wimp with Iran.
This is where a dream I first read 10 years ago comes back to mind with dreaded nearness. Could we be approaching America's complete destruction? Everything has now fallen into place for the end of this proud, most wicked nation. All thats left is for America's enemies to spring the trap and unleash the surprise strike that they have been working together on for a long time.
With such perverse, corrupt, incompetence from decadent Washington, it's too tempting for Russia, Iran, China and others to pass up.
 If we hear of a US Naval blockade on stubborn Iran, then I'd pay close attention to this dream.
It's one of the only dreams that has kept my attention for all these years and thats why I'm posting again from my old blog.

Nuclear Holocaust Prophecy

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