Friday, July 10, 2015

The Bottom Line

One of President Eisenhowers last speeches before he left office was his grave warning about the rise of the MIC, the Military Industrial Complex that now controls Fascist America.
(If you haven't heard this speech, it's worth taking the effort to find it on Youtube)
Jesus drove the merchants/money changers out of His Temple and we learn from God's Word that the love of "money" is the root of all evil.
Loving God above all and dumping temporal idols is the wise way to live, really live, here and now and when eternity comes knocking.
God will never take second place to anyone or anything!
We used to hear President Reagan warn us about the evil empire, the Soviet Union and it's axis of evil.
If you are honest you will have to admit that the dark force (evil) has shifted to the American Empire.
Here is a good example of Washington playing the part of greedy war monger with it's partners in the military industrial complex.
I have to give credit to these evil elite globalists, they sure have dumbed down the US population with the help of big pharma, de-education, their ever lying and cover-up propaganda media, mind destroying TV and Hollywood garbage and of course enslavement to the governmant teat.
That is how they can get away with such corruption and never, never, never be held accountable.

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