Friday, July 17, 2015

Chattanooga, The Day After

It's been a day since another Islamic terrorist imported into the US by an out of control government killed as many non Muslims as he could before departing for the flames of hell.
The FBI, President and the media propaganda machine are still feeding the masses with their garbage of ; 'Why did he do it, he was such a nice normal American boy.' while the truth is that his father was removed from a terrorist watch list and little
'all American' Muhammed spent 7 months in Jordan and also went to Yemen.
NO RED FLAGS, NO WATCH LIST FOR  MUHAMMED....but you can be sure they are watching those of us who are exposing their duplicity and incompetence that make these ISLAMIC TERRORIST attacks a sure thing on American soil.
And yet our worthless DHS, FBI, State Department, NSA, ect. didn't have a clue that little Mohammed Jihad got some training and came back to kill Americans, all with the help of the  incompetent, corrupt, regime of Barak Hussein O.
Unlike the media and the incompetent, lying Police State that is too busy abusing American non Muslims of their civil rights I know what the FBI, DHS and the President can't figure out with all the evidence already avaliable and under their noses.Muhammed was doing his Islamic duties in Chattanooga his own words.
From a foreign media source, not US propaganda media
 "What role we need to play to establish Islam in the world."
Muhammed Abdulazziz

He was just doing what all good Muslims are doing.
The bad Muslims are considered apostates from the cult of the false prophet Mohammed.This attack once again proves to those who are paying attention that the police state is not here to protect us but to get the brooms out and sweep up the mess they created after the carnage has been unleashed.This is only the beginning and it will get much worse.
Obama and his underlings have made that a certainty.

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