Wednesday, July 15, 2015

America, A Stench in God's Nostrils

When a nation rejects God and it's leaders decide to fill in as His replacement this is what you get

The wicked, rebellious, corrupt voters of America have twice elected one of their own to lead the nation to hell.
(see Psalm 9:17)
The man of lawlessness  has his priorties

America has outdone the Nazi's, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, ISIS with it's crimes against humanity.
Is there anything the US won't sell for a buck ?


The US government arrested, tried and sentenced Jonathan Pollard to life in prison for spying for Israel, a supposed friend and ally.

Keep in mind that the US spies on everyone with omnipotent like impunity and arrogance, even on its allies.Germany and Israel are but a few of the many subjected to the Orwellian 'Big brother sees all, hears all' Stasi on steroids.
This corrupt and evil government has since released Russian spies, Cuban spies, 5 Taliban leaders for 1 traitor and deserter, Bowie Berghdahl and since NWO G.H.W. Bush have refused every request for mercy and freedom for Jonathan Pollard.
We've read for years how the lawless president has released illegal immigrant criminals, rapist, robbers, drunk drivers, murderers back into our cities to terrorize the American people again. This is the kind of leadership a nation gets that has turned its back on God.
Obama the destroyer, friend of Islamic terrorist, Muslim Brotherhood, leading America into the jaws of hell.
Don't blame the destroyer Obama blame this wicked, perverted, reprobate nation. God gave us exactly what we deserved.


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