Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Islamic State IS The True Face of Islam

Islamic State Bombs More Fellow Muslims in Baghdad

Muslims blow up Mosque of other Muslims while they pray to the same
strange, bloodthirsty god, Satan.

A car bomb at a crowded Baghdad market has killed at least 64 people, officials say, in one of the worst recent attacks in the Iraqi capital. Many of the victims were women and children...

Can you imagine if Israel had accidentally killed women and children Hamas hides behind to fire missiles into Israel, the media and western governments would be calling for an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council and much more.

ALL WE GET IS SILENCE from these perverted Western leaders and more lies from them about the religion of never any peace.

This is just more evidence of continuous U.S. policy failure, even after trillions of dollar$ were flushed down the Middle East toilet.
Everything the U.S. has touched since it has abandoned God has turned to crap as we see in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.

Israel has to be insane to look to America for anything, especially after their big lie that they would take care of Iran and its nuclear ambitions.
Idol worship does make people and nations insane, though.
I hope Israel gets over it's idolatry, as America is not Israel's God.


Islamic State has gone back to the early roots of their religion and they follow the Koran religiously.
Don't believe the government/media lies.
Islam is on a global crusade to take the world for their false god of no mercy and no compassion, allah, while stupid, insane, suicidal Western leaders open every door wide for them to come in.
This is God judging the perverted West which has turned away from Him by making our leaders blathering idiots.
Even in Israel, the idiot leaders can not bring themselves to mention that Islam's terrorism is the problem.
Instead the fools who rule Israel call Islamic terrorism, 'a nationalistic motivated attack'.
Yesterday, Germany attempted to call the Islamic terrorist attack near Munich, "politically motivated."

Do you see how they protect this evil ?
Can you see how insane these nuts who lead us have become ?

That Bible fact is found It's in Job chapter 12. Read it prayerfully.

What we have been spoon fed by the globalist media and their Western government pimps is all propaganda, 24/7 lies and more lies.

It's easier for them to lie to us then tell us the truth!

Islam is the biggest lie that has been foisted on this earth.

How could any good person honor such an evil man as Mohammed and the bloody religion he conjured up unless you are under Satan's spell ?
It is the religion of hell on earth, and this is why the EU, UN, US defend and protect this bloodthirsty cult that worships death.
These corrupt, perverted western governments always attack Israel instead because they are too cowardly to stand up to evil Islam and expose it's intolerant, hate filled, bloodthirsty roots in barbarism and violence.

It's birth roots are in hell . The devil is in the details.

The most evil charge is against all Western leaders who continue to pressure and force Israel to appease and surrender to the front line Islamic terrorists Palestinians.
They have brought severe judgments upon themselves and their nations.

Europe, the UK, the US, Australia and every other country pushing to divide Israel to create another unhinged, barbaric, mad, Islamic, Palestinian state have all swallowed the bloody Islam pill of death for their evil plan.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! There is NO WAY around this. Islam is a blood thirsty form of satanism. The isis fools follow the demonic quran to the letter. Any who can read can see what the lying and filthy quran says! A "peaceful" religion?? Please!

Why do the Western leaders back and support the islamic butchers? Could it be that many of them also worship satan, and are happy to have the islamic fools do their killing for them? They are giving them privileges that their own people do not have!

We are watching these events and checking The Scriptures continually to see what is happening. The "10 kings" are making " war with The LAMB+" the best way they can, with a satanic proxy army of demonized slaves of death.

Islam is truly a "death cult". Who would be any part of it except forced at gunpoint or sword point? Their actions against innocent unarmed people, even children, prove daily who and what it is that they serve. Islam is truly "demon vomit".

May The LORD GOD strike down "Mystery Babylon" that is supporting, aiding, and abetting this evil slaughter.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Amen, so true that America Babylon and Islam serve the same god, Satan, and that is why the godless left, ObamaNation, is so cozy with this evil religion.

what is so sad is how the majority of Christian have lost their salt and light and are so afraid to stand up for the truth when we still can.

How many who are able to are afraid to even warn Muslims that they follow a false prophet that leads them to hell z/