Sunday, July 30, 2017


update- The propaganda media will not tell us that he was a Muslim but we know he had a fully loaded M-16.
Interesting how Muslims (invaders) in Europe are better armed than the infidels are, isn't it ? 
The German government makes sure of that !


The Western Goebbels Propaganda Government Media cover up for the Islamic Crusader invaders these criminals in government opened the doors wide for.

We in the West did not have this Islamic terrorism problem until our corrupt leaders opened the doors wide to the death cult followers of the false prophet Mohammed as they fed us the big lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

They intentionally allowed Islams terrorism to flood into the WEST for nefarious reasons (a militarized, totalitarian, global police state where everyone is a slave to the criminal state) which they will continue to lie about as they fail time and again to protect their citizens.
That is why I call Merkel and the rest of these deviants 'criminals.'

Please notice how they never tell us the terrorist murderer was a Muslim and say too often now that the 'terrorist' had mental problems.

Is Germany now filled with imported nuts ? 

They never answer the big questions like ;

What was a Muslim immigrant from Iraq doing with an automatic weapon ?
Answer they will never, never tell you - Hunting infidels !

German nightclub shooting: Two dead in Constance

Police have ruled out a terrorist motive in the shooting.

Before they can do a real and thorough investigation it is already complete. 
How quick they are to rule out what every thinking person knows it is, Islamic terrorism.
That is why they never use the word "Islam" and terrorism together or never identify the terrorist as a Muslim. 

A big fat red flag they they are covering up for Islamic terrorism imported into Germany by the German government.    

The gunman was a 34-year-old Iraqi citizen, but not an asylum seeker

They identify him as Iraqi and leave out the fact that he was a Muslim in order to deceive their citizens to the danger of the religion of all terrorism, Islam. 
The devious media think that by telling us that he was not a Muslim terrorist (asylum seeker) imported into into the West by Merkel that this rules out Islamic terrorism.

Are they really that stupid ?

The motive of why Muslim Crusaders kill infidels is unclear ?

Do the infidels of Europe being led to slaughter fall for this Goebbels  propaganda ?

A doorman appeared to have been shot with an automatic weapon

What is a Muslim from Iraq doing in Germany with an automatic weapon ?
Special commando forces and a police helicopter had been deployed, as it was not yet known if the suspect had accomplices.

'Not yet known' but Islams terrorism is ruled out ?

The motive for the shooting remains unclear.

The motive is clear.

Good Muslims are commanded by the Koran and their religion of hate, extreme bloodshed, and intolerance to kill infidels and Germany is full of them, especially the Grey Nightclub.

Although Islams terrorism has been ruled out before we know anything the motive for the shooting remains unclear until we can come up with a cleave and believable lie to cover up for and protect our Fifth Column Muslim invaders of infidel Germany and stuck on stupid Europe.

It's clear beyond any doubts except for those who have buried their heads in the sand;
Our very own degenerate Western governments are our enemy, protecting and covering up Islamic terrorism

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