Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rome, Satan's Mistress Against Jerusalem

Birds of the same feather

I would hope that the Roman Catholic Church siding with the followers of the false prophet Mohammed against Israel and the Jews should awaken some out there following this evil, whore religion of Roman Catholicism ?

You can follow a false, dead religion or you can follow Jesus, you can't follow both, your choice.

Catholic Churches in Jerusalem Blame Israel for Muslim Violence, Deny Biblical Roots of Temple Mount

“We are worried about any change to historical (Status Quo) situation in al-Aqsa Mosque (Haram ash-Sharif) and its courtyard, and in the holy city of Jerusalem. Any threat to its continuity and integrity could easily lead to serious and unpredictable consequences, which would be most unwelcome in the present tense religious climate.

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“It’s so quiet,” she commented. “There is no screaming, no hate! This is the way it’s supposed to be. Without all the hate and lies.”


President Trump, so driven by Satan to divide Israel for the false peace 2 state final solution, God will put a permanent end to this. 

I have no doubt that God will allow our enemies to strike America for this evil along with the wickedness and perversion we are now drowning in as a nation. 

Senior Trump administration Israel adviser Jason Greenblatt will head to Israel Sunday evening, just days after violence broke out in Jerusalem and Palestinian terrorists killed several Israeli citizens


President Trump’s assertion that NATO countries are not carrying their fair share of the security burden rings hollow across military bases in Eastern Europe this month, where 45,000 troops from the United States and 23 other countries are staging war rehearsals for a Russian invasion.

Eighteen exercises are under way this summer in the Black Sea region, an area that has grown especially nervous about Russia’s aggressive posture.


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