Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Raging, Threatening Palestinian Muslims Desperate For Violence Not Peace

UPDATE - Tuesday / 5:20 pm EST

"The aggression against al-Aqsa will be the spark that ignites the blaze that can burn through the whole region," one Gaza militant threatened.

Earlier Tuesday, the military wings of the different Palestinian factions in Gaza held a press conference threatening a forceful response if Israel does not remove the added security.

"Gaza militant factions hold press conference (Photo: AP)
Muslim terrorists of Gaza threaten violence, terrorism, war, over metal detectors on Temple Mount

One thing the Palestinian's have learned over the decades, Palestinian threats, violence and terrorism work. It has always been rewarded by Israel and this is why we keep seeing it.  Eventually Israel will be backed against a wall (maybe now ?) and no longer able to capitulate and appease this evil.

Will Netanyahu buckle under pressure and cave in to Islamic threats and violence as he has usually done in the past or will he finally stand firm ? 


The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to show their true nature.
They have an appetite for destroying like their now dead Muslim brothers to the north in Syria and Iraq.

We are living in the times of no peace and great destruction,
God's judgment on the big lie of Islam and the wicked.

It's amazing how many sheep fell for the lies of president's Carter, Bush, Clinton, Obama, that Islam is a religion of peace. Just proof positive on how dumb the majority of the sheep really are.

Only a remnant know the truth because they love the truth and hate, hate, hate lies. 

It does not take long for the demonic spirit of rage, bloodshed and violence to surface in the followers of allah and his false prophet. They fan the flames instead of putting them out.
They raise their babies to hate and kill for their god.
At the slightest non issue they are ready to kill and die.

There is no peace in the Palestinian heart, only rage and hate and the decadent, perverse world community reward$ them well for it.
Of course the world will blame Israel and give the Islamic terrorists whom they've sold to us as 'victims'  a pass, they always do.
From my many years of watching events inside Israel, I have no doubt that Muslims/Palestinians will use this opportunity to do what they do best, destroy, kill and burn everything down.
Their bloodthirsty god demands it from them and they are ready.

Another reason why the death cult Palestinians are angry, ISRAEL took away the weapons they had stashed inside their unholy mosques and on the Temple Mount.

I don't know if you saw the picture of all the knives and other weapons that Israel recovered from the mosques of hate and violence on Temple Mount ?

The Western media, US, EU, UN always cover up for their partners in peace crime and Islamic terrorism when it is directed against Israel.

Only Israel is required to show "goodwill" gestures, the Palestinians are only required to threaten violence, destroy things and kill innocent people.

Fatah calls for ‘Day of Rage’ amid new Temple Mount security in wake of attack

The Fatah 'angry terrorism' movement, headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, called for a “Day of Rage” on Wednesday to protest new security measures installed at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem starting Sunday, two days after a terror attack by three Israeli-Arabs killed two Israeli police officers.


As Israel stands fast on decision to install metal detectors outside Al-Aqsa mosque, Israeli soldiers and police targeted as enraged worshippers and mobs vow to 'continue the struggle' against the measure; 'we are ready to die as martyrs.'

so be it !


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