Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mosul, Another Muslim City Destroyed by Muslims

It's not hard to see God's judgment on the followers of the false prophet Mohammed.
Destruction and death follow them everywhere. 

‘He destroyed their fortified towers
And laid waste their cities;
And the land and its fullness were appalled
Because of the sound of his roaring.
Ezekiel 19:7

Satan's Islam Destroys 

Meanwhile; another Muslim city destroyed by Muslims

Muslims are busy destroying everything and killing everyone, and each other.

Victory in Mosul to Be Announced in ‘Matter of Hours’

Months of urban Muslim on Muslim warfare have displaced 900,000 people, about half the city’s pre-war population, and killed thousands, according to aid organizations.

The Useless Nations predicts it will cost more than $1 billion to repair basic infrastructure in Mosul.


Even in Egypt Muslims are busy destroying and killing fellow Muslims... and the world expects Israel to make peace with the cult that worships death. 
No way, evil Islam has to disappear before there is any real and lasting peace!

Islamic militants attacked a remote Egyptian army outpost in the Sinai Peninsula with a suicide car bomb and heavy machine gun fire on Friday, killing at least 26 soldiers in the deadliest attack in the turbulent region in two years.


it's about time!

Looking beyond the Western Wall – to the Temple Mount

A growing movement is pressing to restore the right of Jews to pray at the site of the biblical Jewish temples, currently barred by Israel.
“Our movement is growing for sure,” said Yehuda Glick, a Brooklyn-born Israeli lawmaker and longtime Temple Mount activist. “The number of people ascending to the mount has doubled, and you see there’s a lot more activity, a lot more public support.”

Exactly 4 years ago I wrote this on faith challenged Israel's devotion to staring at an inconsequential, nothing wall, too fearful to ascend to the Jewish peoples most Holy place. 

It looks like things are slowly changing, something Satan has been fighting with everything he has because the loser knows his time is running out as it is for the followers of the false prophet Mohammed

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Israel is Stuck at the Wall

Israel is stuck at the Wall under the chains of fear and submission to Islam and the reprobate nations, trapped in the false peace ghetto. They refuse to go up and reclaim their most holy place and to seek the Lord,having settled for compromise with evil which always fails.
The devil loves the status quo, when Gods people are stuck and not advancing but imprisoned. Soon Israel will need to break through the Wall to survive.
That is the Church and Israel today. Israel is content to stand before an inconsequential wall to pray and argue and fight with each other instead of ascending to the Temple Mount where God said His presence would always be.
The Israeli Police actually arrest fellow Jews if they are even permitted to go up which is rare,and even look like they are praying anywhere on the Temple Mount.
Out of fear the faith challenged leaders have surrendered to Islam which the nation is under submission to.
Satan continues to dominate Israel's most holy place
Israel has 'given up' their heritage and what is most Holy to appease evil and that never works......


The devil runs the UN


North Korea is following the example of Islam's wars and destruction 

North Korea celebrates successful missile test – in pictures


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