Wednesday, July 19, 2017

He's Not an Atheist Anymore and His Pain Only Got Worse

And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your affliction.” 
Mark 5:34

Stubbornly proud unto death 


Too many times in this short life we create our own problems and we're too proud to change our screwed up, dead end ways.

The reason that the medical profession could not help this young atheist Adam, is because it was a demonic spiritual manifestation which entered into his life.
I sure thank God I didn't have hopeless, stupid and godless parents like he had.

Jesus Christ is the Only Cure !

There are many ways and reasons Satan enters in though an opened door.
If the door is not shut and the devil is not cast out, there is no solution.
There is not much hope for the atheist unless he repents of his sins and stupidity.

Adam was getting a preview of coming attractions.

There really is no remedy for the proud, only a sure and fearful judgment

I have no doubts that if any proud soul (proud enough to wear a T-Shirt proudly displaying you are an atheist) would humble themselves and seek Jesus for forgiveness of pain causing sin that they would be delivered.

Should people with a mental illness be helped to die?


...and neither does a generation educated, brainwashed by the godless left unless they turn to Jesus.


Ray Comfort Condemns the 'Horrible Mistake' Fascinating Teens Across the Country

As the West sails away from Peaceful Harbor and the Lighthouse, Messiah Jesus, into turbulent, troubled seas, darkness and suicide replace life which becomes cheaper by the day.
Satan and his minions give our 'raised on hopelessness' youth a phony escape that is worse than what they are facing. 

There is hope and His name is Jesus Christ, call on Him in sincerity, humility and truth and He will save you because He's the one true love of your life ! 

Don't follow the shallow and vain herd of fools, follow Jesus, He's real, very very real !

Don't follow the herd. 
Try something that works, someone who really cares, JESUS CHRIST, who died and rose again for your freedom, pardon, forgiveness and IS ALIVE.


Chigger Boys- Amazing Grace

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