Monday, June 5, 2017

Muslim Countries Can Not Get Along With Each Other

Six Muslim Arab countries cut links with Muslim Doha, Qatar

The diplomatic withdrawal was put into motion by Bahrain then Saudi Arabia early on Monday. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Yemen and Libya followed suit.

They say Qatar backs militant Islamic jihad global terrorist crusader groups including so-called Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda, which Qatar denies.

The House of Islam grows more divided. just as President Trump decides to push the Palestinian/Islamic two state final solution down Israel's throat. He's gone out of his way to betray Israel on Jerusalem and tell the Jews to stop building homes on their land like that is the reason there is no peace.
What delusional lies and utter garbage from the top on down. 

The reason there is no peace is because Islam is anti-peace!

Everywhere you look, from Afghanistan to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Muslims are fighting each other to the death and yet the sick and twisted world, especially the godless perverts on the Left haven't got a clue.

The wicked are quick to attack the truth and the President they love to hate but they never have any words when it comes to the death cult of Islam it's terrorism and violence, instead they have a perverted and obsessive love affair with this evil scourge.

Sick, twisted, God forsaken, dark and evil people who hate the truth, something even darker is headed your way.

The Lord has made all for Himself, Yes, even the wicked for the day of doom. 
Proverbs 16:4



They said they would release the attackers' names, "as soon as operationally possible," the BBC reported.

We can't release the names now because it would reveal that we already knew they were a threat and that we did nothing, absolutely nothing. It would expose our criminal incompetence from the government and the police.  So we will wait until our dear brainwashed sheep move along and this Muslim terrorist attack slips away from their busy minds. 

Many of or dear Muslim terrorist are receiving social assistance as they plot the overthrow of our country and we must protect them, screw the innocent citizens and tourists.


Who is your faith in to rescue you ? 
The expert liars and professionals, the confused blind leading the blind or in the only solid Rock, Jesus Christ ?

Their fatal mistake - They didn't take the time to pray and seek the Lord like so many billions of lost souls headed for an eternity without hope.

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