Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jordan Threatens Israel; Submit or Else

Under Israel's fake peace with Islamic countries like Jordan, Israel, the infidel unbelievers, are always reminded of their dhimmi/submission status and required to submit to the offensive demands of the cult of the false prophet or threats and violence loom.

The Jews which the Jordanian government are calling *extremists, their only crime is to visit the Temple Mount, but with Muslims there is no tolerance or freedom for those not under the dark spell of Islam.
It's always the same, Muslims always revert to threats and violence unless non believers submit.

We will squeeze the infidels into submission or else!

Israel's sick and perverted neighbor Jordan

Recently a Jordanian Muslim carried out an Islamic terrorist attack against Israeli's in Jerusalem and the Jordanian government demanded and apology from Israel.

That is how the game is played by Jordan and it's fake-peace with Israel and all Islamic countries.

Israel's major mistake has been to always submit to threats and this always leads to more and greater threats from the cult of death.

'Appeasing this evil, Islam, and foolishly going along with nefarious US demands that Israel always show goodwill gestures to Palestinians, Arabs, Islam while they are never, never, never required to do anything to permanently end their intolerance religion jihad against Israel is a recipe for certain war and no true and lasting peace.'  

Appeasement has always led to war as Neville Chamberlains' appeasement of Nazi Germany failed miserably and Israel's appeasement of Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, etc. will fail miserably.

Jordan warns Israel of deteriorating ties over 'extremist' visits to al-Aqsa

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the Israeli embassy Wednesday protesting visits to the al-Aqsa Mosque by what it called "*extremists under the protection of the Israeli Police."

*peaceful Jews visiting on Temple Mount, Jews praying there or moving their lips or bowing their heads is against the law and will get you arrested by the kapo Israeli government and Israeli police.


Allah Akbar, We both taught the infidel Jews to submit

After Turkeys extremist Muslim dictator Erdogan long and abusive hostility to  Israel, Jerusalem paid them off with a $21 million dollar bribe to normalize relations under pressure from Bully USA to appease evil once again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎‎ ǧizya IPA: [dʒizja]; Ottoman Turkish: جزيه cizye) is a per capita yearly tax historically levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim subjects—dhimmis—permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law.

Something  faith challenged Israel has yet to learn


I don't watch TV so don't know if this meeting yesterday got much coverage ?
As long as immoral America can get it's $ billions all is well. 
I wonder if Israel had billions of $ more than the Arabs if Trump would have moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to their Capitol Jerusalem ? 

Follow America's god, follow the money.

Trump hails deals worth 'billions' with 'COMMUNIST' Vietnam

The U.S. Commerce Department announced 13 new transactions with oppressive, communist no freedom Vietnam worth $8 billion, including $3 billion worth of U.S.-produced content that would support more than 23,000 American jobs.


New World Order man President Trump sends national security adviser H.R. McMasters and Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross to Bildergerg's secret gathering in Chantilly VA.


Chantilly in the spotlight: inside the secretive Bilderberg's 'home from home'


Anonymous said...

Marcel, This is disgusting! Or else what, Jordan?
The U.S. is putting Israel over a very big barrel! Submit to islam or we will pull all support from you, no more parts for your aircraft, no more anything for you Israel, unless you submit to our pets, the lying islamic nations that have sworn to destroy you!

It is my understanding that it is already a "Done deal" to make Jerusalem an international city under the U.N. Check points are already in place. Is this true?
I thought you might know more about this.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

when a supposed friend is your worst enemy it's a nightmare.
President Trump having decided like the other corrupt presidents before him to give into Arab threats and demands will not move the US embassy to Israel's capitol.

The US Government acknowledges the Capitol of Communist Vietnam but not the Capitol of their supposed "friend" and ally Israel.
What an abomination backstabbing America has become.
Trump is just more of the same, having morphed into another devious, lying politician.

Where did you hear this on Jerusalem, INS ?

I haven't heard about Satans' plans for Jerusalem being implemented just yet and do not believe Israel even under Benji the lap dog will allow it to be internationalized or divided. could be wrong.
Israeli P.M. Ehud Barak the far left traitor and sell out was ready to surrender EAST Jerusalem along with every other place in order to please his favorite pimp Bubba Clinton & the other gods he served in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Marcel, I heard this a second time from Israeli New Live, but had heard it months ago on another site which I cannot recall now.
Mr. Denoon visited Israel recently and either saw or had to go through one of the "Checkpoints", and even gave the location of this.
I will try to see if I can find anything else about this. It does seem that Mr. Netanyahu would not go along with this scheme.

Surely the line must be drawn somewhere. Will the Jews soon have to get permission from the U.S. to breath? Samson7able <(((><

Anonymous said...

Marcel, I thought this might be interesting.

The checkpoints are there, but I can't tell if it is for the protection of the Israeli people or for another purpose. I though the new shopping mall near the Jaffa Gate was interesting, especially with the Big New RCC in the center of the mall !?
This article relates observations from a recent visit.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi brother,
Thanks, I tried to find out more about Steve Ben Nun (Wonder if that is even his real name ?)
I asked him why he used the term peace treaty instead of false peace and never got an answer.
Somethings don't add up for me with Steve, but that's just me.
I read the 2 year old article on checkpoints and the light rail and not buying it (how they try and tie this into something else)
A lot of these web sites hype stuff to keep their readers coming back and this 2 year old news is hyped (for me.)

For me the bigger picture is Rome and Satan and the nations have plans for Israel and Jerusalem... but God has His plans, and they are to upset the plans of rebellious mankind. one way or another He will get all the armies of the nations down to Israel for their destruction.
I was thinking about that today. I was up on the Temple Mount in 95' ,went into the Dome of the Crock and we all marched in around the circular area surrounding the Mt. Moriah rock where Abraham had prepared to sacrifice Issac praying for the Lord to remove this abomination.
(He will in His time)
It would be very easy to set the Islamic/Arab world on fire. an example would be an infidel urinating on the side of the Dome of the Crock, that or Jews praying on the Temple Mount would start a major, major war with Israel and her neighbors.

For sure Jerusalem, Temple mount is a tinder Box with not much to set the world aflame in our day.
Old Yiddish saying - Man Plans, God Laughs