Monday, June 5, 2017

Ariana Grande's Days of Fame Are Numbered

This morning after reading a little as possible on the great big  'One Love Manchester' benefit concert for the victims of Islam's no love, terrorist attack I thought about the love they were peddling. It's all about money and how their cherished idol "music"and their fake-love will save them.

They don't know the meaning of the word love because if they did they would target and exposed the wolves shedding innocent blood of these children and innocents all over the world.

These 'pop pagans' and their fans are at the edge of the abyss now with not much left to keep them from falling in. 

Notice how they ignored the religion of terrorism & no love, and just focused on the western infidel sheep of slaughter to feed their silly, vain message to ?

Something else caught my attention;

 Where was the old flaming star Madonna ?

She's an old used up prune. The hard, cold, unloving, music industry runs on fresh meat. Katy Perry had better stay fresh along with Miley.

The shallow, empty, money love, music industry has to bring in fresh faces when the fans get tired of looking at their wrinkled faces.
I'm sure Ariana and Katy and the rest of the temporarily hot stars realize they must  grab all the gusto and fame while they can, for their days of fame are numbered, and we know they love their status, wealth and bank accounts more than anything in this world.

It's all about their fame, their wealth, popularity, and love for themselves with a little window dressing for PR purposes.  

UK idiots - looking for the terrorists in all the wrong places - Islam is terrorism

The P.R. bonanza for the POP stars off the backs of of the children murdered and wounded (blown to pieces in the name of Islam) while ignoring the major threat this religion of hate and no love is hypocrisy at best because they refused to address the  cause of these attacks, all done in the name of 1 religion and their bloodthirsty god.

These Pop cowards and their shallow love is another reason why the West is under constant assault by the Muslim crusaders who target infidel children and innocents daily across spiritually dead Europe.  Worthless all of them, their blood money does not stop this Islamic terrorism it just insures more of it because of their cowardice in addressing the problem, Islam.

How sad that so many ignorant parents feed their children the false hope and songs of  these shooting stars who will be gone after their popularity fades like a flower.

This is what spiritually dead, false prophetess, cheap vapid love, Ariana Grande said;

  'Music will heal us'

No, that's a big lie, it will only heal her bank account and she will be nowhere to be seen like Madonna when her star fades away.

Ariana Grande ;

"Our response to this violence must be to come closer together, to help each other, to love more, to sing louder and to live more kindly and generously than we did before," Grande said. "Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy. So that is what it will continue to do for us."

The poop stars are such fools and cowards that they refuse to address the 1 religion with no love only murder and bloodshed towards infidel unbelievers in their bloodthirsty god of no compassion and no mercy.
They are silent on the real deep issues like Islam's terrorism because to speak the truth would cost them everything, all their popularity, so these fakes and blind leaders of the silly and naive sheep play the pied pipers on the road to the slaughter house.

Pity on you if you follow any of these phony stars who only serve themselves.



50 years ago today, 5 Muslim nations conspired to attack the nascent state of Israel sure in their knowledge that utter destruction would swiftly follow.

hat tip - Linda Sorci


Ezekiel 38 ?   Yep,  not too far off !!!

Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Islamic terrorist groups, and the other armies are already there lined up ON THE BORDER.

This time Israel uses their nukes.

IDF general talks about Israel's scrapped plan to use nuclear weapon in 1967


Anonymous said...

AMEN MARCEL! I lived a long time in Nashville, Music City U.S.A. The trash music industry knows no love but its own phony self and the lies it pumps out.

This JUNK music will heal NOTHING! It will only dig the pit deeper. Those who continue to dig it will fall into it.

Parents, watch what your children idolize! The idols will kill them eternally. Real Love comes only from the Source of All Love, The Eternal GOD through HIS Beloved SON+.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Amen important warning to those parents who throw their children to the sweet sounding wolves who train the babies to chase idols at an early age.

I'm sure you know, Image is everything.
Got tired of listening to the talking heads who idolize man and the political swamp (sewer) as their salvation.
Started listening to some country after many years and it's all whisky or beer or loving the meat partner or leaving her for some other cut of meat.
A few good songs, very few, got to cut it off, as everything in this world it becomes addicting.

Shallow phony, everything is an illusion, and hype of the idolsflows like the Mississippi.

Big question for Ariana;

If there were no camera's and your visit to those children wounded by a Muslim terrorist, killer was a secret, would you have still gone to the hospital ?