Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria, Unintended Consequences

A chess match between two nuclear powers as the USA sticks its nose in Russia's Syria house.
Russia and Syria have been long time allies, so this is a major, bad escalation.
We've got two Alpha males on steroids with tons of pride to drive them and the world to WW III.

 I'm looking for Putin's move after Trump made his. I think we're getting closer to checkmate.

4 Risks After Bombing Assad’s Air Base

Unfortunately, in all wars, unexpected things happen.
Something always goes wrong, even in the best of scenarios. This story isn’t over yet.


If you go to the Guardian (below) you can find video of some of the damage to the Syrian Air Base and runways, evidence that this news report from FOX news is a lie coming from their unreliable propaganda, fakenews source.

The Syrian airfield targeted by United States airstrikes early Friday was “almost completely destroyed,” a human rights group in the country said.


Konashenkov said “the combat efficiency of the U.S. strike was very low,” adding that only 23 of the 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles reached the Shayrat air base in the province of Homs.

President Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the security council to discuss the Russian response to the US airstrike. “The participants expressed deep concern at the inevitable negative consequences of these aggressive actions for the joint efforts to fight terrorism,” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He said the security council also expressed regret at the harm the strike would do to US-Russian relations, and they discussed ways to continue the Russian air force operation in Syria to give support to Assad’s army. 
Russia has suspended its Syria air safety agreement with the United States following the missile strikes, Reuters reports.
“In light of the missile strikes, risks [of collisions between Russian and US aircraft] are significantly higher,” the spokesman told reporters.
The Russian military says it will help Syria strengthen its air defences after the US strike on a Syrian air base, the Associated Press (AP) reports.
Russian defence ministry spokesman Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov said that a “complex of measures” to strengthen Syrian air defences will be done shortly to help “protect the most sensitive Syrian infrastructure facilities.”

I  believe Trump has opened up a much larger can of  'glow in the dark' worms this time.
Just a day before he told the media Assad's removal was not in the cards.

How quickly he was turned around ???

This has been the agenda of the dark state and the neo-cons since this civil war began six years ago. How convenient this gas attack was for them and the War business.

 Economy, jobs, American pride.
The Busine$$ of war is profitable for many, and America is neck deep in wars, wars, wars, and more wars. 

American pride truly blinds us. We still think that we are the moral force of the world when the exact opposite is true. We have become the perversity force of this world.

With millions of babies, babies, babies murdered in America's torture centers, President Trump cries about Syria's babies. What a filthy hypocrite along with the other proud wicked, immoral hypocrites.

This leaves me with no doubt that the hypocritical pride that motivated US to quickly judge Syria for the Sarin gas attack that could well have been staged by dark nefarious forces will lead to a major catastrophic war.


'The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions'


Anonymous said...

Samson7able here:
Marcel, It appears that uncle Fred has lost his marbles and totally changed overnight! I hear he is threatening to strike Syria again, in spite of Mr. Putin's warning not to do that.
It appears that the war mongers have gotten to uncle Fred and he is preparing to drive the white van into the parking lot full of cars!!
As you have mentioned before, Liars and Idiots are running America! May The LORD+ protect HIS+ Children.

HJave you heard from Linda Sorci lately? Miss her good comments. : )

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi brother,

'''Liars and Idiots are running America!'''

When a nation forsakes God, they need people, someone to lead it to hell.
Psalms 9:17

It's something to watch how quickly uncle Fred turned into the swamp he was supposed to drain.
It gives me pause to think how quickly our lives here in Sodomland USA is about to change.

What wickedness America is going to receive is the opposite of what Fred promised ; 'Make America Great Again'

Just the opposite for the proud rebels and backslid Church who thought it was possible without holiness and repentance.

Pride is our downfall.
On your last question, I don't know ?