Monday, April 3, 2017

Government Officials Came to The Churches And Put Up Cameras by Force

Christians in China hospitalized after resisting state surveillance

April 3 (UPI) -- Christian churchgoers in China were recently wounded after fighting with officials enforcing new regulations: the installation of surveillance cameras inside churches.


Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel

Just like when FBI Director James Comey gave the criminal Hillary Clinton special treatment and failed to do his job and arrest her.

Nothing ever happens, no arrests for criminal acts at the top of the food chain, no justice in reprobate America.

If Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, and a host of other Washington criminals were sitting in a Federal Prison there might be hope for corrupt, lawless, godless America.


Israel's enduring lap dog of failed Washington agenda

Lap Dog Netanyahu Falls Under the Spell of Latest Washington Pimp of no-Peace, President Trumpster 

PM said preparing package of gestures for Palestinians at Trump’s behest

I'm so sick of the spineless fraud, Benji the poodle, who always rolls over on command.

It's disgusting how Israel is the only one required to deliver goodwill gestures to the Muslim terrorists who are never required to do anything except waste the billions and billions of dollars that the international community sends them for their terrorism ways.

What a gutless wonder you are Benji, woof, woof.


Bennett laments missed settlement opportunity

“The story is not President Trump, but the position of the Israeli government, because we did not place a determined Israeli initiative on the table, two states filled the vacuum,” he wrote. “We missed an historic opportunity.”

Naftali, Of course Israel once again missed a historic opportunity with; 

"all talk no walk "

devious politician Neyanyahu who serves foreign gods.

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