Sunday, March 12, 2017

You Broke It, Now You Pay For It

Having created the Libya problem under the criminal regime of Obama/Clinton, the US cries as everything goes from bad to worse there, and Russia steps in to take over. 

US accuses Moscow of aiding warlord in battle for Libya oil ports

Capturing the glittering prize of the Oil Crescent has become the focus of a bitter civil war now in its third year and US officials fear that Russia has now entered the conflict, with Haftar the likely beneficiary.


A Time to Harvest

The US is now on the receiving end of the bumper harvest crop it has planted over the years across the world.

The US created mess in Libya reminds me of another major and fatal US foreign blunder.
I'm not talking about the Bush II Pandora's Box, invasion of Iraq that led to ISIS or his never ending failure war in Afghanistan now in it's 16th year, or traitor and pervert, President Clinton giving our 'LORAL' nuclear secrets to China but another colossal blunder.

Back around 1971 when China was only a bicycle economy the US under President Nixon and his Ping Pong Diplomacy decided to bring China into the 20th century, advancing trade and technology to a backwards communist, totalitarian economy that peddled their way to work on two wheels.

America created the monsters that will devour it !

I still remember the evening news out of China as a child where the number one form of transportation was the bicycle and the sight of everyone headed shopping, home or to work on a bicycle was hard to forget, and then along came a U.S. president and the American globalist agenda.    

The globalist traitors in Washington shipped most of America's manufacturing and factories to China, Mexico, India and nearly every other country.  With their destroy America agenda there is very little that is now made in the USA.  

We've planted the seeds of our own destruction!  

Betrayed, $old out by the corrupt globalist, NWO un-American leaders we elected

We Americans are our own worst enemy, having elected evil, corrupt, self serving, greedy, liars, con men and globalists who serve another agenda and the weeds our leaders have planted have all grown up and now choke America to death.

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