Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Welcome to the New World Order

Welcome to the New World dis-Order


Maybe next 'anything goes' thing they'll make a baby together ?

When nations turn away from the Light, it's Judaeo-Christians foundations, every dark and unimaginable perversity is in play, it won't be long before bestiality and pedophilia are legalized.

....and this is why the darkness, Islam, is flooding into the vacuum of the dying West.  

hat tip - Linda Sorci


The Third Jihad – Radical Islam in America


Islam & Christians 

Indonesian Christians in Aceh Have to Worship in the Woods


Islamic Turkey and non Muslim, Christians 

Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan: 'We know Dutch from Srebrenica massacre'

Yes, but we know YOU Turks from YOUR Armenian genocide where a million and a half Armenian Christians were brutally murdered by YOU Turkey in the name of Islam.

U.S. unseals charges against Hamas terrorist

WASHINGTON -- U.S. officials unsealed terror charges Tuesday against a Jordanian woman long implicated in the notorious 2001 bombing of a Jerusalem pizzeria that left 15 dead, including two Americans.

No remorse from the practitioners of the religion of hate and never ending bloodshed on the innocent


The arrests come amid tension between South Korea and China over the latter's vociferous objections to the deployment in South Korea of a U.S. missile defense system that China says will destabilize the balance of security in the region.


Hijackings and kidnappings on the rise everywhere

a very profitable business, the stupid infidels paid us too often

Muslim Pirates hijack freighter off Somalia's coast


South Sudan govt refuses to pay $1mn ransom for kidnapped Indian engineers


American Michael Sharp Kidnapped in Democratic Republic of Congo

Michael Sharp, 34, was among a team traveling by motorcycle through the Democratic Republic of Congo when they were kidnapped by "an unidentified militia group,"



'One big mass grave': More than 250 human skulls found in Mexico

Veracruz is "one big mass grave," Winckler told the affiliate Tuesday.


Day 1 - The Last Vacation

She said McLaughlin had been “super aware” of the dangers of travelling alone in India. “But she trusted in life and love,” she said.

Local media said the woman had arrived in the area from the north on Sunday and was seen on Monday evening at a party on Palolem beach. Her body was reportedly discovered about 3.5 miles (6km) away the next morning by a farmer, who informed police.

“The body was lying in a pool of blood without clothes and there were injuries on the head and face,” police deputy superintendent Sammy Tavares told local media.

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