Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Welcome to New Europe

Is this Islamic terrorist attack at Parliament today what Turkey's Erdogan was warning the British infidels about ?

Who was the Muslim terrorist, another ISIS trained Muslim permitted to return to Europe from Syria and roam freely to carry out an attack ?

Did friend of Muslim terrorists Erdogan send him ?

Turkey's Erdogan & Hamas leader Mashal, NATO's Islamic terrorist friendly partner

Erdogan warns Europeans 'will not walk safely' if current attitude persists


Parliament shooting - latest updates

When will the average British citizen wake up and realize that Islam is the cause of "terrorism" ?

  • A. When the UK becomes part of the global Islamic Caliphate  
  • B.  When he or she are killed in an Islamic attack and six foot under and pushing up daises 
  • C.  Never, too decadent and far gone to ever wake up.
  • D. They are awake and already under submission and fear to Islam, and have to be quiet or else the UK government of surrender will arrest them for speaking (badly) the truth about the religion of terrorism.


Over the last fifty years Total Global Dominance Islam has saturated and seeded  'stuck on stupid' Europe with millions and millions of Muslims, millions of these are Turkish Muslim invaders whose loyalty is to Islam before any loyalty to infidels now being trained to submit to the cult of death... or else.
The stupid leadership of Europe and the devious media call them refugees, but Islam calls them the conquering front line Muhajirun.

The tipping point has been reached and impotent,weakened and neutered Europe is limited in what they are able to do to resist the now open Islamic domination of Europe. The only thing the worthless E.U. leadership can do is what they do best, lie to and deceive the sheep of Europe headed for slaughter.

Hundreds of Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones Take Root in Europe

Europe has been transformed into Islam's newest ghetto where even the police are afraid to enter the many Islamic no go zones across the continent.

Turkeys megalomaniac radical Islamic dictator Erdogan knows the true condition of Europe behind the false narrative of the fake news and lying politicians of Europe who have to hide the truth of a Europe conquered by Islam due to their insane stupidity.

After decades of funding and supporting Palestinians and their Islamic terrorism against Israel, Europe now reaps the whirlwind of Islam's terrorism.
It is Europe which turned the Islamic terrorists (Palestinians) targeting Israel for destruction into victims and tarred and feathered Israel at every opportunity.
If not for the EU, US, and UN's financial support  and rewarding the  Palestinians for their bad deeds, the Arab, Muslim jihad clan Palestinians would have disappeared like dead leaves blown away by the wind.

Now the extremist radical, anti-democratic Islamic dictator Tayipp Erdogan, head of the Islamic Caliphate of Turkey lets infidel Europe, land of the uber dumb dhimmitude know who is in charge and impotent Europe capitulates.

Payday arrives for 'Ghetto Europe'

Cowardly European leaders gave threatening, violent Islam a  wink and a pass while always abusing Israel.
Now Europe pays for their  evil deeds against Israel and the Jews.

Erdogan warns Europeans 'will not walk safely' if current attitude persists

"If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy," Erdogan said at event for local journalists in Ankara.

Translation - We call on Europe to submit to Islam or else our bloodshed, terrorism, threats and fear tactic's of Islam will hunt you down.


Brussels ISLAMIC terror attacks: how events unfolded – video explainer

Please notice that it is not Israel or the Jews who are terrorizing Europe but Muslim's whom they have embraced, protected, defended, and made excuses for in their demonic jihad against Israel.   

It is no surprise to see Europe now living under the daily threat of Islamic terrorism, divine justice for their evil hypocrisy in giving the Muslim terrorists out to destroy Israel and not looking for any peace a pass, a wink, a nod and billions of Euros, while constantly abusing, restraining and threatening Israel.

Turkey's Erdogan teaches infidel Europe to submit to Islam or else the 
terrorism of Islam will stalk them in the streets

Europe receives it due for whitewashing and embracing the evil fruit of Palestinian terrorism against the Jews.

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