Sunday, March 5, 2017

Turkey Teaches Infidel Germans to Become Good Dhimmis

Has Angela Merlek paid Germany's Jizya to Turkey yet ? Dear Infidels, pay the jizya bribe and maybe Turkey will be nice to you once again, then maybe not ?

As Sinni and Shiite Muslims genocide one another (as well as we non-Muslims) and destroy their cities and countries, the Hitler wannabe Turkey's Erdogan shows us a glimpse of Islamic supremacy which is no different than Nazi supremacy was.

The dictator and Islamic extremist terrorist and terrorist supporter, Tayipp Erdogan, who helped make ISIS what it is tell the Germans in his dominating way that they must learn to submit because after all the Germans, Europeans are nothing more than lowly  dhimmi infidels.

Don't  think it's a coincidence that Hitlers book is such a best seller in the "new" rabid Islamic Turkey.

Hitler book bestseller in Turkey

All good Muslims love Adolph Hitler, almost a much as they love Mohammed !

Muslims freely showing their love for Hitler in conquered Europe 

What really amazes me is that self destructing Land of Idiots Europe and the stupid West still keep Caliphate of Radical Islam, Turkey, in NATO.

More evidence that the end of days and Armageddon are not too far off. 

Erdogan Hits Germany With Nazi Slur as Relations Deteriorate

“It’s an incredible and unacceptable turn of events that a leader of a NATO country talks this way about another NATO country, especially one who has considerable problems with the rule of law,” Kauder said in an ARD television interview.


It's truly breathtaking how once God fearing America has fallen down below all the nations into ABOMINATION AFTER ABOMINATION, perversity and gross evil. 

Moscow (CNN) A Russian lawmaker has urged that country's government to ban Disney's new "Beauty and the Beast" remake after labeling it "a blatant, shameless propaganda of sin and perverted sexual relationships."


Another example of the destruction of western civilization now underway

Heroin addicts will be given supplies (by the police) to inject in specially designated “shooting galleries” under radical plans to tackle drug-related crime in Durham.


Psalm 91 Song "My God, In Him I Will Trust" (Esther Mui)

Hat Tip - Linda Sorci

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