Friday, March 3, 2017


The Shack: Uncovered



This is horrible - and dangerous!

hat tip - Linda Sorci

God is allowing deception to cull the flock of those who do not love Him and the Truth with all their heart.    

'Burning Down 'The Shack''

There is 1 Bible verse that I have applied to my life which has SAVED me many, many times.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

That scripture along with the most important gift from God to me, the fear of the Lord keeps me away from sin, blasphemy, deception, garbage like 'The Shack', which entices the naive and ignorant into the snare laid for those who trust in themselves and make bad, soul destroying decisions instead of seeking the Lord.  

Those who rely on their own understanding and do not seek the Lord and His wisdom are further drawn into the darkness by these blind leaders of the blind who get rich off of fools who rely on their own faulty and stupid understanding. 

I wouldn't be caught dead watching this garbage, it dishonors the holiness of God.

You will never get Psalms 90:11-12  from this movie !


Human cases of bird flu are surging, alarming public health officials

U.S. officials say of all emerging influenza viruses, this particular virus poses the greatest risk of a pandemic threat if it evolves to spread readily from human to human

worrisome changes in the virus

In addition, the virus has become more deadly to poultry, which might lead to more severe infections in humans


Evangelist Franklin Graham hits perfect storm in Vancouver


Linda Sorci said...

Thank you for posting the article and video about 'The Shack', Marcel. It's always astonishing to me just how much garbage people will swallow, always looking for the next new thing, rather than standing firmly upon The Rock. It truly is dangerous, and it's heartbreaking. Apparently many have already been taken in by the idea of this 'new trinity', discarding the clear teaching of The Holy Bible. How can something so evil and trashy make it to the best sellers' list? Never mind, that's rhetorical. I hope and pray many people will see this post and take heed! - and share it!

As for the bird flu, another scary thing as we navigate our way through these end times. We will be faced with many diseases, some of which will probably be pandemics because of the ease of traveling from country to country.

God bless you, brother. Keep on keepin' on. Far too few lights are out there.


Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank You Linda,

I was totally clueless about this never heard anything about it.
Listening to Paul Flynn video.

Saw 1 from CBN that I also want to check out.

He mentions that Tim "celebrity" Tebow and others have endorse the heresy.
Sad that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and so many others will be leading so many astray.

It's tragic how so many who claim to follow Jesus are so quick to compromise His word and message.
They expose themselves as not truly loving him but loving the world.

Stay faithful to the 1 you love or you will fall... away is the message.
I've got nearly 20 chickens and a bunch of them are trying to kill 1 of my chickens.

Do they know something I don't ?

Thanks Again Linda,
Couldn't have done it without you.

Linda Sorci said...

I'm going to listen to the Flynn video in a bit. I'm absolutely shocked at Tim Tebow - and saddened. It's a great example of the strong delusion we were warned about if someone who professes a love for The Lord can fall for such heresy.

As for your chickens, I really don't know why but they do tend to peck a sickly or old one to death. You may find if you isolate her she may not live long because there's a problem. I'm certainly not a vet, just an old country girl :) If it were mine and I had a way to separate her, I would, just for her comfort.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Just finished listening to Flynn. Many Good points.

Never read any CS Lewis myself.

I did separate the 1 chicken, she jumped out of the cage when I opened it to refill water, guess she like the abuse ?

She is not old or sickly, but the other chicks may know more than I do.

Will need to separate her again tomorrow.
Old country girls are better than vets 95 % of the time in my book.

Anonymous said...

I read not long ago there were already 100s of 1000s of vaccines ready for a pandemic that hasn't surfaced yet. I think it was a type of bird flu, that was not yet transferred to humans.

Marcel Cousineau said...

in these days of so many rumors, deception, confusion and lies from the utterly corrupt establishment it's always a good ide to provide sources for what you read.

I have no confidence in the system/mankind and so it's hard for me to believe what you read.
They can't even get 1 vaccine right on a flu that has surfaced how could they possible get it right on one that hasn't surfaced yet and is always mutating, here is an example of that.


Flu Vaccines Might be Aiming at the Wrong Target, Study Shows

A new study may help explain why flu vaccines work so poorly.