Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cairo's Al- Azhar Sheikh Ahmed Tayeb demands Islam not be associated with terrorism.

Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt Sheikh Ahmed Tayeb demanded Islam not be associated with terrorism.

Sheikh Ahmed Tayeb - I've got a better suggestion ;

Remove the Islamic terrorism, never ending bloodshed, mass murder, wars, destruction of your cities and countries,  crimes against humanity, genocide, barbaric and inhumane evil endemic within Islam across the world, and we will not link Islam to terrorism.

Your attempt to drag other religions down to the lowest level that Islam occupies is a non starter.
There is no other religion on this earth that can compare to the evil and bloodthirsty nature of the religion of the false prophet Mohammed.

Muslims can not even live in peace among themselves and you have the audacity to demand from us.

Iraq : Shia Muslim militia accused of ethnic cleansing in Sunni Muslim areas

It's past time that we non Muslims demand that you stop the lies and look in the mirror and clean up your own filthy, bloodied house.  

Muslim, Christian clerics say don't link Islam to terrorism

Cairo (AFP) - Leading Muslim and Christian clerics in the Middle East issued a statement Wednesday urging against linking Islam to terrorism, following a conference in Cairo on co-existence.

"The conference demands that those who link Islam and other religions with terrorism immediately stop," he said.

"Judging Islam by the criminal actions of some who associate with it opens the door to describing all religions as terrorism, which justifies extremist modernists' argument that societies must be rid of religion," he added.

Al-Azhar, one of the leading Sunni Muslim authorities based in Cairo has set a bad example by not dealing with the root of the problem, Islam.

Why don't these Muslim leaders ever tell us the truth, that their agenda is to conquer the infidel world for Islam and their false god allah ?

Because the truth is not in them, just lies.


Renewed war between Israel, Hezbollah and Hamas in 2017 ?

Hamas warns: 'If Israel hurts our abilities—the situation will escalate'

Hamas warned Israel that they will impose a new 'mechanism of action' in response to the rocket attacks, which could ultimately escalate the regional situation to the point of conflict.


I'll bet you haven't heard about this from the US Fake News Media

The ISIS Stronghold You Don’t Hear About

March 2017: an estimated 80 Coptic families are now sheltering in Ismailia, having fled El-Arish. ISIS forced them to flee by threatening to kill them. Analysts surmise ISIS has switched its attention to targeting Christians as it is losing the military campaign against the army.


What if the spineless, cowardly and worthless Republicans did not let Mr. Lawless get away with so many of his high crimes early on during his first term ? 


Anonymous said...

Marcel, Samson7able here,
You are right. The problem is islam its self. It has been nothing but a demonic blood-shedding filthy thing since its inception 1400 years ago. It has contributed NOTHING to the earth except misery, anguish and grief .

How can the so-called Christian clerics agree with the lying muslims on anything? As soon as they get what they want they will kill the Christians!

I read this morning of a Christian home being raided in Iran and Christians being taken into custody and "Disappeared". When islam gets the upper hand Christians suffer, as they always have under this satanic entity.

I am also in agreement with your picture. Criminals do need to be in jail! Why don't they stop this guy? Who is behind him that he can't be touched? There is ONE+ Who can touch him.

The LORD'S+ will be done.

Marcel Cousineau said...

How can the so-called Christian clerics agree with the lying muslims on anything?

They are not true Christians but apostates who have denied the faith.

The real Jesus and Islam do not mix just as the light and the darkness do not.

Amazing isn't it, the boldness of the evil ones, the false while those who hold the true light are fearful, silent and in hiding.
It tells us we are at the end of the end.

Their true title is dhimmis under submission to the false religion of the false prophet.

The worthless Republicans did not resist evil Obama and gave him a pass every time when they could have stopped the flood of evil which America has now drowned under.

Amen, the Lords will shall be done, and it is not "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" but the exact opposite.

Thanks for your comment brother.

Linda Sorci said...

Hi Marcel,

C.J. at 'I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ' has a great article on the danger of Islam. I encourage everyone to read it.

And Amen to your post, Marcel. You always cut to the chase! Too few do these days.

God bless you, brother, and keep you in His hand. Keep on keepin' on!


Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Linda,


He makes a number of important points.

I can't help but noting how lukewarm Christians today are so devoid of the truth that they can nor even bring themselves to call Mohammed a FALSE PROPHET.

The salt has lost it's savor and is good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men.

Thanks for the article, it tells me how quickly the watered down church which does not love TRUTH will embrace the lie.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Just picked this up from

Evangelist Franklin Graham hits perfect storm in Vancouver

He's going to need our prayers.

The wicked who reject the good news of the Gospel and dwell carelessly on the isles, West Coat, especially on top of major fault lines should expect the worst.