Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Palestinians Deliver Ramadan Gift of Peace to Israel

Names of innocent civilians murdered by Islamic terrorists, Palestinian branch

And the filthy perverts of the world want to give these Palestinians a state of their own as a reward for the evil that they do on a daily basis.

Payback is at the door for all supporters of a Palestinian state in Israel's heartland.

Is it any wonder why the US and Europe are being flooded with this cult of death religion followers of the false prophet.

The overwhelming majority who are under God's Genesis 12:3 curse for their wars and hatred against Israel and the Jews.
They ARE BRINGING their curse with them to Europe and the US.

Terror at Sarona Market; at least 4 dead

Yesterday, as a goodwill gesture Israel decided to supply electricity to the Islamic terrorist of Hamastan,Gaza.
No doubt for free.
This is always how Israel is repaid when Israeli leadership show mercy to the evil and the cruel.

The definition of insane is doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome.

Well, Israel is Insane!

During the Third Reich Nazi reign of terror and genocide against the Jewish people, for the most part they went to their deaths passively, few fought back.
Today we have Islam of the Fourth Reich and their many helpers across the world who easily restrain Israel's appeasement leaders.

Death of a restrained and passive nation

This is what the world wants from Israel today and why they are always restraining Israel.
In order to appease worthless world opinion, even though the Jews now have a formidable army, it is restrained and forbidden to defeat Hamas or Hezbollah by those who bow to and serve Washington above Israel.

The fact that Israel's phony no-peace partners, the Palestinians can easily target Tel Aviv, terrorize and kill innocent civilians proves that even with an Army, Jews are still going to the slaughter passively, so that the world will know that Never Again really means nothing.
When Israel needs to be sending a strong message to Iran and the Islamic world, it continues to send signal after signal of dhimmitude and weakness.

If Hamas and the Palestinians were taught to fear Israel and the cost to them of these attacks were too painful, things would be much different.
Instead, they are rewarded as Netanyhu did by releasing too many of them to attack and kill again.


Israeli Electric Corporation to up supply to Gaza to avoid pollution

Sadly, Israel continues to be stuck on stupid.
Instead of defeating Hamas, wiping every one of them off the face of the earth and driving the remainder of this death cult out of the land, they continue down the same failed, losing path of showing mercy to the cruel and kindness to evil.

'Israel used to know how to defeat their enemies, that is, before the fakepeace process neutered them'

Israel's kindness is seen as weakness by Islam/Palestinians. Hebron, an Islamic terrorist hotbed, needs to suffer as a whole for sending these killers into the heart of Israel, and if the world complains, stop bowing to their perverse demands and tell them to go to hell.
Instead, as always, to please their Quartet Pimps of no-Peace, Israel rewards the Palestinian Terrorist Authority.
Insane Israel, They always do just that.

Israel is led by weak leaders who pursue defeat and surrender so that the world will love abuse them more and more, and mark on their Tombstone;

They committed national suicide to please us. Thank you naive, easily restrained Jews

Did the LGBT delegation to Israel from the US go home already ?
Peace and perversity do not mix.

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