Sunday, June 5, 2016

Muslim civilians shot in the back by fellow Muslims as they flee Falluja

It's the Islamic way

You know they were shot in the back, right ?
It's always been the way of Islam to kill civilians any way they can.
Look at what they've been doing to Jews, Israel and the Christians since the beginning, only now they are doing it to each other.
Bloodthirsty bastards from hell who murder innocents in the name of God.

"Our biggest fears are now tragically confirmed with Muslims being directly targeted by fellow Muslims while trying to flee to safety," said Nasr Muflahi, the Iraq country director of the NRC, that said only that "armed opposition Muslim terrorist groups" were behind the shooting.

This is how they treat their own.
An early Ramadan gift to their fellow Muslim civilian population.
It's interesting how the perverts in the EU, US, UN are too busy going after peace loving Israel building homes as they ignore the daily crimes against humanity, the barbaric and cruel genocide and murder inherent in the bloodthirsty religion of hate.
There is no other (evil) religion like this in the Universe.

By the time the followers of the false prophet are finished with Falluja there will not be anyone or anything left.

Black Plague of Death


While it is Muslims who are doing all the killing and all the Islamic terrorism, the cowardly Independent out of the UK does a hit piece against Christians.

At least they won't have their heads cut off or their offices blown up because Christians are not Muslims.

Disgusting Cowardly Independent

Do you think these cowards would ever do a hit piece on Islam and Muslims for doing and teaching the same things ?
Not a chance.
Because they serve the same Father of lies, Satan/allah.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! It is obvious that the butchering and cowardly muslims are getting "the nod" from the PTB, and are literally getting away with murder, with genocide. while the Christians are being attacked for simply teaching what The Apostles writings actually teach. ( I am referring to the Independent article above .)

The so-called "leaders" are obviously only puppets and are owned by the " puppet masters", including the non-elected, appointed by the PTB Mr. O.

Things are happening so fast it is harf to keep up with it! Thanks for these current updates.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks for commenting and letting me know you appreciate the real news.

It's disgusting how the Western media keep covering up for this evil, genocidal death cult and the people are only too happy to be lied to and deceived.