Thursday, June 16, 2016

Instability Spreading Everywhere

The things we take for granted are fast fading away.
We can see that up close in Venezuela, once a wealthy and stable western style, democratic gone socialist country, in now unraveling South America.

I'm sure most of you already know....
This is a heads up to my fellow Americans, because it is for sure coming to America thanks to our worthless, corrupt and lying politicians and our general slide down to immorality and perversity as a people.

Israel also suffers from the same immoral downhill slide with it's ensuing instability, insanity and national rot.

Venezuelan city under effective curfew after mass looting

France is experiencing internal troubles
And the UK just had the murder of one of their MP's
I don't remember when this happened before ?

The unstable Islamic world gets worse by the day and the disease,Islam, spreads to America now thanks to the reprobates who lead us.

Well, Israel is now having the same problem with growing instability.
These are the words from former Prime Minister Ehuddy Barak, the best Israeli lap dog Washington ever had on a tight leash.

"Only a man who is blind, pretending innocence or one who has become ideologically defiled can't see the erosion of democracy in all of these bills and the first signs of fascism that have taken hold of this government," he said.

You would think he was talking about his owner Obama and the new the U.S.A. under him.

The loser Ehud has been out of politics for a while now,(the people of Israel got tired of the leftist loser) so I'm not sure if Obama called on him to change his role from puppy to rabid attack dog in order to get Netanyahu back on Obama's leash ?

It seems Netanyahu has finally begun to cut loose from lying, untrustworthy, backstabbing,
IslamoFascist infested Washington which is always rewarding the Islamic terrorists at Israel's expense.

I can't find where I left my leash ?

Ehud Barak Hussein is on what smells like an Obama  mission.

If the government doesn't get back on track, all of us must get out of our seats and topple it through civil uprising and the ballot box before it's too late,' former prime minister says That kind of talk might be called treason if it was coming from someone not on the godless left, no ?

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