Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Last month fRAnCe was busy sticking their rather large meddlesome nose in Israel's sovereign affairs.

This month France is busy trying to take care of their growing mess at home.

French government has too many headaches in June

From spreading VIOLENT strikes, out of control sports fans at Euro 2016, and their inability to secure the country from free roaming Muslim terrorists who easily target and kill top law enforcement at will.

This is the fate of all who meddle with Israel and try to reward Islam at the expense of ISRAEL.

God is watching you hypocrites!

France, one of the first casualties of the Global Islamic Jihad. Trying to sacrifice Israel to them does not work and brings more damage to your country.


President Obama, defender of Islam, is working tirelessly to replicate what is happening in France here in America with his devious, lying propaganda on behalf of the number 1 religion of all terrorism in the world.

La France Sui Morte


Convicted Muslim terrorists are allowed to roam free in the land of fools, once known as France.

The godless fools who rule France and Europe will never admit they have a Muslim problem because they would have to admit that they and their multi-cultural agenda are miserable failures.

.... and that these proud, godless, socialist French fools will never do.

They will wait until the blood is up to their necks and then wake up and figure out that Islam is a religion of hate, violence and death, and infidel France are their prey.

French police chief and partner wife killed in stabbing claimed by Isis

Free roaming convicted terrorist stabs commander to death outside home in Magnanville before taking partner wife and son hostage.

French media reported Abballa had recently been under close police surveillance as he had featured in the entourage of another man who had left for Syria.

Close police surveillance ? What a perverse, sick joke multi-cultural France has become.

Like the U.S. surveillance of our free roaming Muslim terrorists.


What fools we have leading the West.
Instead of rounding up the death cult of Islam terrorists and shutting down their media and mosques they are allowed to roam freely and do their work of death and murder with great ease.

It's interesting that they ran me off of FACEBOOK years ago, but these hate filled and violent Islamic terrorists are all over it.

That should tell you who devil is and what he is up to.

Truly, The West Has Become Too Stupid to Survive

Stupid people embrace lies and commit national suicide


Victims of Islam in Orlando

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