Monday, June 6, 2016

Europe is Lost

On Saturday when I covered this story I was wrong about the Frenchman, and assumed he was Muslim. It turns out that he is a neo-nazi who was planning to bring a one man war to France, targeting Muslims, Jews and God knows who else.

Reading the article below though uncovered some terrifying news that even has French intelligence worried.
They seem to be hiding their gross incompetence to clamp down on Muslim terrorists already in place all across Europe.

Frenchman arrested in Ukraine 'planned string of Euro 2016 attacks'

ISIS,We are already all over Europe thanks to open borders, EU incompetence

The big story here is found buried towards the bottom of the above article

82 Muslim's on terrorist watch list hired to provide security to Euro 2016 sites

These "watch list' Islamic terrorists are already in place as "security personnel"
Talk about the West being too stupid to survive.
How many other Muslim terrorists are in place READY to target high value targets due to the gross incompetence of SuicidedEurope ?

Europe's tolerance of evil has already come back to bite them hard and they still have not learned the lesson.There is much more bite coming to the gullible, naive, stupid people of Europe who tolerated evil Islam to their demise.

The arrest came amid revelations that 82 members of the 3,500-strong security personnel employed to police sensitive Euro sites are on France’s intelligence service watch list, which includes potentially violent Islamist radicals.

Speaking to AFP, one French intelligence agent warned: “Quite frankly, I’m worried.”

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