Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why TSA Lines are so long at Airports

Long TSA Lines: How long will this go on ?

TSA Lines Causing Frowns? Send in the Clowns! (and Tiny Horses)

The reason why TSA is having so much trouble doing their job in a reasonable and professional manner after so much training and so many years of experience is because they are having a much harder time trying to find the Islamic terrorists who mean us harm.

Could it be that they are looking in all the wrong places ?

Or could it be even worse, they're not looking for the Muslim terrorists but this is all planned, and intentional, meant to inconvenience the American people and remind them that they are no longer a free people.

Non Muslim American's are all treated as suspected "terrorists" while the destroyer Obama and his revolutionary co-destroyers invite in many, many Muslim terrorists through our intentionally unsecured southern border.

The Visa and Foreign Student programs have brought in many Islamic sleeper cells that the government is not even looking for. But they are looking hard at YOU, in an abusive manner, every time you fly.

Airport screening focuses on the wrong people as we saw with the lax open door to real San Bernardino Islamic terrorists who passed the joke of TSA/DHS security easily.

Muslim terrorists are treated better under Jihad Hussein Obama than non-Muslim Americans are treated.

If you haven't heard, the Obama regimes 'Adopt an ISIS terrorist' Syrian Refugee Program is being poorly vetted, the Syrian Muslims entering the US are getting less inspection than non-Muslim Americans are at Airports.

Isn't this racist on the part of Jihad Obama and TSA / DHS ?

Looking for Muslim terrorists in the pants of people who are not terrorists is very hard and demanding,
but we love our jobs. We get to do things that would get others thrown in jail.

Hi, We are the San Bernardino Muslim terrorist couple and we did not have to wait in line.
The TSA did not check our private parts. They only do that with those who are not Muslim terrorists.
We got in real easy, almost like they wanted us to, and we killed many of you infidels.
Thank you Jihad Obama for your stealth jihad that helped us Muslim terrorists get into your country so easy!

TSA blames you for longer lines at airport security checkpoints

Of course they lay blame on non-Muslim American's.
They already treat us like we are the terrorists.
Do you think they would ever blame Muslims for their religion of terrorism problem we all face ?

It's beyond stupid, it's evil.
This is what happens to a nation that forgot God and elected evil leaders to lead them.

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