Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why have so many Arabs drowned in the sea ?

The untold story of drowned Arab-Muslims

We've heard and seen the stories of Syrian and Libyan Muslims fleeing from their bloodthirsty fellow Muslim crusaders, fleeing their own countries for their lives because of the murderous brutality of Islam on it's followers... only to drown in the sea.

Watch your mouth!

This is a lesson to everyone to watch carefully what evil you wish for others, because just as we see here, their wish has fallen on their own heads and the heads of their children.

God repays your (Islam) evil desires against Israel and the Jews in many ways as we have watched Muslims in their fifth year of genocide against fellow Muslim in Syria, Iraq and now Yemen

And His 'just payment' to the followers of the false prophet has only begun!

from Terrorism Where it Started

"Do you know the chant of the Islamic Jihad as they go throughout Israel? "We will push Israel into the sea, and then we will destroy America, the great Satan." That’s the chant of the radical Muslim fundamentalists. "We'll push Israel into the sea, and then we'll destroy America.

"However, Yasser Arafat[1] began working against Israel before they even became a fledgling nation in 1948. Arafat’s goal has been and remains to "push the Israelis into the sea"

 "Where Zionists repeatedly recalled the Arab threat "to throw the Jews into the sea," Morris quotes the fuller statement made during World War I by the Jaffa Muslim-Christian Association: "We will push the Zionists into the sea -- or they will send us back into the desert."


So tell us Arab people;

Who got pushed into the sea ?

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