Saturday, May 21, 2016

'We are like a Bomb'

Coming to America, Soon

"People are fed up. With everything"

“One woman this week told me straight out that she wanted to kill people,”

“If you complain too loudly, they arrest you,”

What has gone wrong in Venezuela ?

They dissed Israel, that's what

God's Genesis 12:3 curse is on Venezuela and spreading

When the shelves in the food stores here that always had plenty of food are empty, an already ugly America will turn even uglier and make Venezuela look peaceful.


The filthy slut, always pointing fingers at Israel

Europa, the Bitch of Brussels shows her stuff

just call her BOB.

The hypocrites of Europe who always point their filthy finger at Israel exposed for their own sins.

Israel needs to dump the wimpy, apologetic politicians and replace them with seasoned fighters!

I wish Israel would start pointing their finger back at all these hypocrite nations that are always attacking and blaming Israel for nonsense accusations like building homes on their meager land instead of the Palestinian ISLAMIC terrorists and tell them to butt out, shut up and 'go to hell.'

The perverted faaaar left of Israel have done serious damage to the country by focusing on themselves and ignoring the atrocities of the Palestinian *enemy that should have always been the focus.
How easily guilt magnet Israel falls for the blame game.

It's the Muslims, the Palestinians who should be ashamed, they are guilty about everything and yet Israel takes the fall instead of the evil ones.
The Palestinians need to change their evil behavior instead of always targeting the victim, Israel.

* You've fallen for the big lie, the Palestinians are not your peace partners, they are your STEADFAST enemy, determined to the end to wipe Israel off the map.
they've already done it on paper.

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