Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tomato Ebola

Nigeria declares a state of emergency after moths destroyed swaths of tomato fields, forcing factories to close and driving prices up astronomically

“This is only the beginning of a disaster if we don’t take drastic measures because the disease is fast spreading across the north,” he warned.

A wholesale basket containing hundreds of tomatoes now sells for 42,000 naira ($212), up from 300 ($1.50) to 1,500 naira ($7.50) before the outbreak, he said.

This war on food, a part of God's judgments, looks to be spreading, spreading, spreading.
Some more information on this growing global famine I've been watching .

Today in Venezuela

Price of corn flour in Venezuela soars 900%


Food aid to avert famine threat in Boko Haram hit northeast Nigeria: U.N.


Tens of thousands need aid after deadly cyclone pounds Bangladesh, Sri Lanka



Global Famine is Coming

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