Friday, May 20, 2016

The World Loves Weak Israeli Leaders

.... " With weak, grasshopper Jews and Kapo Jews, it's much easier to herd the rest of the Jews into the new and improved Warsaw Ghetto behind the Auschwitz Borders we have planned for them."
Quartet- Fourth Reich

I couldn't help but notice how Israel's friends and enemies think alike.
They're all freaking out about a strong, unapologetic Avigdor Lieberman as Minister of Defense.

They would much rather deal with weak, groveling, always apologizing wimps who always roll over on command and play 'defeated Jew.'

That is what the evil world wants, they do not want to see Israel ever again defeat an Arab Army. This is why Israel can not, will not defeat Hamas or Hezbollah.
Weak defeatist, surrendered, dhimmi leadership as we've seen with Ehud Barak and the rest of the losers of Israel that the Palestinians and the world love so much.
A strong Israeli leader terrifies all of them.

So watch for more hostility AND BLAME from the US, EU, UN, Palestinians, Egypt, Jordan, etc. against Israel while they coddle and defend Islamic State and the rest of the terrorists from the religion of resurrected Nazi's.

Notice how they never blame Islam or it's terrorism for anything ?
That is a heads up on the evil you are dealing with, ISRAEL!

Ya'alon: 'Those who lead us must do so based on ethics of the weak and defeated'

The outgoing defense minister addressed his work, "Our creepy friends in America and Europe love weak Israeli leaders who know how to submit to their insatiable demands for us to play the part of a defeated nation, and I knew my place."

"Instead of working to defeat the extremism of Islam as we saw arise in Hamastan, Gaza, after our retreat for the delusion of peace, I fought with all my strength against the mirage of extremism, violence and racism in Israeli society that threatens my desire to remain a conquered dhimmi in our own land and to appease our ruthless adversaries with gestures of weakness and defeat.

"We have won too many wars against our intolerant and bloodthirsty enemies whom I will never call extremists.
"We should have learned to be a fair and ethical people and lose a few wars, retreat and learn defeat in order to level the playing field with our dear Muslims partners in the suicide of our ethically insane nation.""

"It deeply troubles me to see a strong Israeli leader leading the IDF now as we might just begin to think again about defeating our enemies instead of surrendering to their evil demands for only lies and fantasies of peace while they kill us without remorse and only demand more from us."

Never compare our enemy to the Nazi's but by all means, do compare our self loathing selves to the Nazi's


Yes, we clever Arabs defeated the Jews by the peace!
Hat tip (photo credit:AFP PHOTO)


Man with knife attacks 4 women in unprovoked attack

The incident is not thought to be terror-related, but we can not release the name of the attacker in order for you not to think too hard,
We must protect the religion of knives peace. the Met said.


India records its hottest day ever as temperature hits 51C (that's 123.8F)

Pakistan city readies graves, hospitals, in case heat wave hits again

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