Saturday, May 28, 2016

"The economic situation of this country is collapse"

Ms. González, a freelance lawyer, lived a middle-class life until recently

What is happening in Venezuela is coming to the U.S.
No doubt about it.
When too many Americans can't afford to feed their families you will see the anger boil over into the streets.
The already worthless dollar will collapse.
Faith in the fiat paper will disappear overnight.

The Clinton, Bush, Obama Cartel have been working long and hard to destroy the middle class and anger the masses with their globalist elite criminal agenda.
Their open borders invasion of illegal aliens is no accident, but well planned. Most if not all are on the "FREE RIDE" government dole, many are criminals, many more are collecting $ocial $ecurity, not having worked a day here, and being treated much better than most military veterans and the disappeared middles class citizens of America.

If you are a Christian and trust God, YOU DON'T, you won't get angry.
The godless, the gullible, and those who trusted these criminals and pathological liars (corrupt politicians) will get angry, especially those who invested everything in the collapsed, bankrupt system.
It will boil over.
And it will burn, especially when the poor, dependent on the government for food and everything else are drastically rationed back as we see happening now in Venezuela.

This NYT article on Venezuela is an eye opener for every American, take the time to read it because it's coming to a place near you.

In fact you might already be seeing it where you are ?
The best place to be is far away from the mobs and the cities and staying very close to the Lord, far away from the culture of rot that has brought all of this down on U.S.A.

"If you've seen Obama's brown shirts with their Mexican flags, rioting, trying to harm Donald Trump, terrorize and beat up his supporters while gangster president Jihad Hussein Obama remains silent, you can see where this is headed."
Just like Venezuela, the bottom will fall out

While so many Americans lose their jobs due to Washington's 'destroy the middle class policies', my guess is that it will turn much more violent here than we've seen so far in Venezuela.
You can count on it, they've planned for it.

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