Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mecca: The Closest Thing to Hell on Earth

Worshiping the Kaaba rock in Hell, Mecca

The Hajj crush: ‘It was the closest thing to hell on earth’

Mecca has death and hell written all over it

Iranian pilgrims won't attend hajj amid row with Saudi Arabia

“Due to ongoing sabotage by the Saudi government, it is hereby announced that … Iran’s pilgrims have been denied the privilege to attend the hajj this year"

Who knows, maybe Iran will declare war, attack their Muslim brothers, Saudi Arabia and destroy the Kaaba and Mecca ?
Stranger things have happened, especially with this death cult of the false prophet Mohammed.

Peace loving Palestinians learn peaceful jihad bomb-making on internet

Abed al-Hamid Abu Sarour, from the Islamic occupied West Bank, was wounded during the explosion and later died of his injuries.

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