Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bag and Tag Days a Comin

DHS Secretary: Long Airport Screening Wait Times Not a ‘National Crisis’

We want all of you to get the feel of being like cattle or sheep being led down the long lines to the slaughterhouse.
Have you noticed how we've been using the 'terrorism' threat to turn Amerika into a vast prison for you good folk ?
That's because we're basically evil.

Once we have adapted you into our sinister changes from a free people into the tyrannical and totalitarian despotic rule we have planned long ago, it will be much, much easier to bag and tag you.
That is where we are really headed, you know, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, we can't help ourselves, we're not only evil, we are extremely perverted, just like our dear leader.

Get used to the intentional abuse and major inconveniences we inflict upon you because it's only going to get worse, especially with all the Muslim terrorists we've intentionally brought into the country and given better status and treatment that we give you.

We're watching YOU, not the Muslim Terrorists!

Trust us, we don't know where to look, but we know what's best for you !

Hey kid, is that a Muslim terrorist in your pants ?


Neutered Netanyahu Lashes out at Iran for mocking Holocaust

Israel's weakness under the phony U.S. led 2 state final solution has emboldened Iran and they know a very restrained and chained by his Washington pimps, Netanyahu will do nothing but make speeches and lash out.

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