Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Is Obama Silent With Turkey's Erdogan ?

Turkey journalists jailed for publishing Mohammed cartoon

The president has often rebuked Israel for much less, but with Erdogan and his radical extremist Islamic agenda that IS turning Turkey into a backwards theocratic caliphate he is dead silent.

No surprise as many of us know that he and Erdogan are on the same page.
.He's never come out against anti-freedom, theocratic Islamic rule in Iran either, but he has come out mocking Christians with their guns and their Bibles. He's always giving Islamic terrorists and extremists like Erdogan a pass, ALWAYS making excuses for them.

Turkey's radical extremist
How can it be that everyone including NATO are DEAD silent with this extremely undemocratic member and bully dictator of Turkey ?

Are they all a bunch of spineless cowards ?

That Erdogan can do this and the EU, US, UN and the Brits are silent tells us how much trouble this world is in with spineless cowards afraid to stand up to these radical Islamic gangsters.
They don't have a spine when it comes to freedom killing allies like Turkey but these cowards always find time to pile on Israel.

Germany's Merkel showed all of us how quickly these worthless western leaders fold up and submit to totalitarian Islam's pillaging of our western values of free speech and serial abuse and rape of western women.

But in Germany, Merkel is under growing pressure to show more spine in her dealings with the Turkish government, after giving in to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s request for the comedian Jan Böhmermann to be prosecuted for reading out a poem that insulted the president

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