Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The World is Insane

Buenos Aires bans electronic music festivals after five deaths

Those who have political power, from elected officials and dictators down to local mayors understand the importance of protecting their rule and fiefdoms.
They are charged with protecting their citizens... sometimes.

When it comes to the religion of terrorism, the bloodthirsty murder religion is protected on the very insane planet earth.
The mayor of Buenos Aries acted to ban a music festival after only 5 deaths, and yet we have a genocidal menace across the globe which has kill and continues to kill millions since it's birth and everyone is afraid to act to ban this evil that masquerades as a religion.

Is it easier for the hypocrites to act against less threatening forces than the biggest very real threat to human life everywhere, Islam ?

Today, every suicidal leader of the non- Muslim west are importing the followers of this violent religion into their cities by the millions, a sure sign of impending catastrophic destruction as we have witnessed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya.
In insane Israel, their neutered government calls Islamic terrorist attacks, "nationalistically motivated," too fearful to offend those who religiously call for Jewish genocide. How pathetic, politically correct Israel has become in it's slide down to dhimmitude.

How could they be so stupid ? 

Easy answer;  the godless west has forsaken God and the darkness of lying Islam now replaces the light of truth.

Even now the death cult of Islam is threatening to use nuclear, chemical and biological weapons again us 'infidels' and our devious, always lying President Hussein Obama tells us that they do not represent Islam.

Well who do they represent Mr. O ?

Do they represent Hindus, or Christians or maybe Buddhists ?
Stop lying, you devious, silk tongued snake. They are all about Islam and it's goal to conquer the world for their demon god of hell, allah.

Western leaders are so devious, decadent and perverted that they are afraid to act against Islam because they might be seen as intolerant of (evil) religion.

Moderate, peaceful Muslim embracing infidel Europeans with message of peace

That, or they have been taking bribes for so long from the deep pockets of the oil rich death cult followers that they have become their chief taqiyya liars who peddle this brutal, inhumane religion of death and murder as a religion of peace.
Pres' Carter, Bush, Clinton, Obama ,All US media to name a few.
How many millions has Hillary receive to be their chief lying spokeswitch?

pretty, civilized, peaceful, friendly, tolerant, loving normal religion

You have to question every western leader who go out of their way to defend and protect what is defenseless in any sane society or planet, don't you, or have you been deceived by the Prince of darkness ?
These defenders of evil will attack those who speak the truth on Islam with their twisted propaganda, calling us Islamophobic,'haters, etc. when it is they and their partners in religion motivated violence, hate and intolerance who are the guilty party.

Everyone of them will have to answer on Judgment Day for protecting and defending this evil, known to us as Islam, ugly Islam.


Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with you. This catering to the LIE of the islamic death cult is either planned or the leaders doing it are totally demented .

The death cult of islam only knows killing, raping, destroying all who will not submit to their lies and their filthy demon possessed false "prophet" whom they seek to emulate.

The leaders of the West have lost all sense of reason. The West is evidently under a curse since it has rejected the Light of The LORD GOD. Now they will face the rabid dogs of the islamic cult, whom they have protected and supported.

Anonymous said...

So many people have had their brains placed in the heavy duty wash and double rinse cycle that they can't see the truth right in front of them.
I've come to the conclusion that they do not want the truth and would rather accept lies to in order to keep them in the delusion they live in.
I believe this is what a reprobate is- beyond the truth, beyond reality.
this is how the corrupt politicians have such an easy go at deceiving them.