Thursday, April 21, 2016

NATO Member Turkey Seizes Christian Churches

The Turkish government has seized the last remaining Christian churches in the war-torn southeastern city of Diyarbakir and declared them as state property

Why is the EU, US, and UN dead silent on this seizure of Churches in Turkey?

We know why;
There is an evil double standard in play where the intolerant and hate infested, corrupt forces of Islam get a pass as we saw with Mr. Genocide of Darfur, Sudan's Omar al Bashir. 
The devils disciples who rule the world give Israel all of their special attention.

Imagine if Israel had seized a number of Islamic terrorism inspiring Mosques, what the world outcry would be.
Blasting nonstop, loud across the globe, and it would not let up until the last day.
The media, Obama and everyone else would be shouting for 'immediate' action and letting us know 'how bad Israel and those Jews are.'

But we do not hear 1 peep from these perverts and hypocrites.
I thank God He shall settle the score with these corrupt and devious tools of hell.

White House concerned by Russia Military moves in Syria

Putin and the others have much more planned to give Washington many sleepless nights and tons of dread.


Deceived Christians Support Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Thursday that transgender people should be allowed to use whichever bathroom they prefer.
This is part of the global famine and food scarcity that we can now see on the horizon.
Do not take anything for granted, not even the banana's you eat !
Thank God for even the littlest things in your life, daily, by the hour and by the minute, thank Him.

We are in a time of great change and upheaval. God always judges the wicked when they've failed to heed His warnings



Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of these very good updates. I really appreciate them and the work you do to keep us informed.

I am watching the lying U.N. and all that they are doing now, especially regarding Israel and the dividing of The Land.

The news about Mr. Trumps recent comment is enlightening! The American religious system seems to be very easily deceived. There is no political solution to a DEEPLY spiritual sickness.

Thanks again. May The LORD+ strengthen you in your work for HIM+.

Anonymous said...

DEEPLY- for sure. deep into the pit they have dug for themselves.

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.
Trump is the face of the 'world system' and for Christians to chase after this latest savior is telling, indeed.
So is Cruz by the way.

Thanks again, I appreciate it.

Tim Shey said...

Speaking of famine, you may find this interesting:

19 April 2014

Yesterday I got a ride from Challis, Idaho to Lolo, Montana with a guy named Brian. He was a Christian and we had some really good fellowship. Brian had just left California a few days before he picked me up. He said that the drought is really bad where he was at in central California. The Lord told Brian to leave California and go to Montana. I told Brian that the drought is only going to get worse in parts of the United States because too many people have turned their backs on God.

Then Brian told me of a dream he had a while back concerning the drought:

In his dream, Brian saw this combine in a corn field where half the field was mowed down. He walked up to this corn stock and looked inside the husk and it was empty. Then he saw these two men with long black hair and beards and they were pulling at their hair and crying out, “Africa, feed us!”

In the last scene of the dream, Brian saw this combine in Africa. The combine was then converted into a war machine. Brian then saw these African troops going to Asia.

In the first part of Brian’s dream, the drought could be literal where people are starving for physical food. Or else it could be a spiritual drought: people are hungry for the Word of God—Jesus Christ, the Bread from Heaven. Maybe the Lord will send more African Christians to the United States to preach to a people that are hungry for God.

Anonymous said...

Tim, good to hear from you, God Bless you brother !!!

did you comment on the 19th or today the 28th.

I've been having a little trouble ,can't even post a comment using my own blog account, I have to post anon.
I can see it coming, serious drought is spreading everywhere

Obama declares disaster as Marshall Islands suffers worst-ever drought