Friday, April 1, 2016

Jihad Obama Protects his Religion of Hate and Intolerance

White House Censors French President Saying ‘ISLAMIST Terrorism’

Jus doin my part for the ummah in our global jihad
...but I gotta be crafty about it!

If it quacks like a duck......


America's Exceptional Incompetence ?

Or is it something much worse?

CIA left explosives on bus used to transport children

The CIA accidentally left explosives in a Virginia school bus that was subsequently used to take students to and from two primary schools with the explosives still inside of it.

First, the CIA has no business doing this stuff in the USA.  

Something evil is afoot with the CIA doing this here in America with a real school, real children, and a real school bus. 
That's never, never, never been their department, what are they really up to ????

Even the local police are questioning this criminal government behavior under the guise of training.
Yep, they are TRAINING their in-house terrorists on false flags that they will blame on anyone but their dearly beloved and much cherished Islamic terrorists.

Have any of you in the US heard this news report from your local or national media or is it being covered up as so much of what this incompetent, unaccountable and criminal government is doing ?

Also what they have not been doing, like ending the flood of illegal's and the ISLAMIC terrorist invasion across the wide open US border.  
Mr. Jihad in the White House has purposely and criminally failed refused to enforce the existing laws.

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