Friday, April 29, 2016

Iran Openly Planning Invasion of Israel

Iran touts Israel invasion to recruit teenage boys to fight in Syria

No doubt this is why President Obama decided to help Iran along.

Israel needs to prepare for war and not for peace

Turkey PM, Hamas chief meet as Ankara inks defense deal with Qatar

Turkey stands shoulder to shoulder with Hamas in it's war, until the finish, with Israel.
Meanwhile a weak, delusional, appeasing Israel under Netanyahu continues to cave in to Turkey and it's demands as well as rewarding Hamas for their never ending efforts to destroying Israel.


Bad Cop

Thank God for video, camera, smart phones !


Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, outed


doublenickel said...

Let Iran attack Israel. Just means that it'll be defanged the sooner. But I don't think they'll mount an all-out attack before the time. To eliminate Iran (Persia) before the attack of Gog and Magog would thwart Biblical prophecy, and that WON'T be thwarted.

doublenickel said...

Hmmm...isn't hitting a handcuffed woman assault?? Isn't that jail-time stuff? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

Iran could still be around after a Israel seriously damages them when Damascus, Syria is turned into rubble.

Just in a MUCH weaker form and team up with Russia and the others seeking revenge in the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog Magog war, after Isaiah 17.