Monday, April 18, 2016

Empire, Stage Four, Terminal, Life Support Removed

East Coast

Husband kills family then himself

West Coast

Couple Murdered by Neighbor's

...and everywhere in between, America has become terminal with violence.

I only posted 2 examples of the stage four patient. two is even too much.
Those who still have a heart and a conscience can see that there is something seriously, SERIOUSLY wrong with Sea to shining sea, land of murder and mayhem that no election will fix.

Eventually, God pulls the plug.


...and the media is their support base.

Jerusalem Bus Explodes 

'Experts' downplay Islamic terrorism

Police are investigating the reasons for the explosion, but initial assessments say this is likely not a terror attack.

Yes of course, a bus in Israel always explodes by itself.

Israeli investigators finally realize that a bus does not explode by itself

The quislings were so hoping that it was not the Palestinians whom they coddle and help with many acts of appeasement and are always rewarding their bad behavior.


US promises 'strong response' if North Korea continues nuclear tests 

Strong response ?
Political talk, interpreted, means 'continue on the same failed policy'

Kim Jong Un is unpredictable in a youthful sort of way, and anything 'strong' might set him off, then again that may be where we are headed ?  

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