Monday, March 21, 2016

Will the Partial Truce in Syria Collapse ?

Syria conflict: Russia warns US over truce violations

Russia says it will unilaterally start using force against those violating the partial truce in Syria, if the US does not agree to joint rules by Tuesday.

Under the guise of cooperation and re-building peace in Syria, the US and Russia are playing chicken to see which one will move first and back down.
It's not hard to see that these two great military powers are jockeying for  # 1 spot.

They are also having trouble with the talks because the opposition want to get rid of Assad and that's not going to happen, so whatever you're hearing, it doesn't look good for peace in Syria.
The ever meddling Obama regime also want Assad gone in a bad way, and this tug of war with Russia's Putin will not end well for everyone.

Just a guess on my part, but I think the shallow and partial truce will collapse.
It's not in the power of the US, Russia, the UN or the divided Islamic world to bring about any kind of peace in Syria.
But war, they are much more capable of war and even expanding it.

Israel, pay attention. The US is incapable of guaranteeing anything for you.
The only thing they can do is  break promises and lie to you. This is a proven fact.
So, dear Israel ;
Time to drop this worthless idol, America is not your God

The Truth about Putin’s Withdrawal from Syria

hat tip - steve quayle. com


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