Sunday, March 27, 2016

Midnight Confession in Brussels

E.U. Tower of Babel 2, Another failed attempt like the first one

We rulers of Belgium serve the EU and it's agenda first and foremost and our citizens are a distant second.
We thought that our experiment with multiculturalism would help bring in our long sought new world order, we were wrong, but we will never admit our error.
With all the innocent blood on our hands we must find others to blame, and football hooligans are a good start for us to scapegoat.
Maybe we can also blame Israel and the Jews for building homes in Israel !

We are not permitted to identify these terrorists whom we brought in to live among us as Muslims, never, ever, and of course we are never to connect the religion of Islam with their terrorism.
This is always forbidden by our dark US, EU, UN lords and masters whom we serve with religious devotion and absolute obedience.

It is OK, in fact it is encouraged that we call our infidel citizens who expose the Islamic link to terrorism many bad names such as neo-Nazi's, skin heads, football hooligans, haters, inciters, racists, fascists and other derogatory names to demonize and silence them. The climate of fear we helped to create will allow us to crush even more of their basis freedoms as we use our 'roaming free' terrorists to lock up the whole country and the people.
The media is very helpful with this as always.

We are not permitted to do this to our terrorists friends even though they are the true haters who are always inciting with their inciteful religion, only calling them nice names but never identify them by their Muslim identity.
That might wake up the population that we have worked so hard to dumb down.
We do not arrest the terrorists when they return here from jihad in Syria and Iraq because we are beyond stupid.
We have been given the green light to allow the well trained terrorists to roam free here and across Europe upon their return from the Islamic state jihad where they learned to make bombs and kill infidels.

We are now submissive dhimmi's and there are two sets of laws we follow, one for our conquered citizenry and one where special treatment is given to our Islamic conquerors.

This is in order to help turn Fortress Europe into a totalitarian police state where everyone, except for the terrorists of course, are targeted with our draconian surveillance apparatus.
Only AFTER the terrorists have struck do we move in and sweep up the mess. That way our people will think that we are doing something.

We are OK with endangering the infidel population of Belgium and Europe and only after a Muslim terrorist attack will we do anything. Before that we can not arrest the trained Muslim Crusaders because we are afraid it may anger our rather large Muslim population.

It is preferable that we behave as submissive as possible to our dear Muslim terrorist invaders of Belgium in order to keep them happy.
We would never use a water cannon on Muslims, only on our infidel citizens as we did today at the Bourse, this makes our Caliphate rulers very very happy.
It is much easier to abuse our infidel citizens who rise up against our incompetent ways which has brought our beloved Belgium to defeat and submission to the religion of terrorism.

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