Tuesday, March 22, 2016


"Every Muslim who is well aware of the history of Islam, knows that the holy war against infidels is an integral part of Islam, and those who read history would know."


The European Islamic Propaganda Network

a partnership of Islamic State Media Enterprises

My dear fellow Muslims,

With the second largest attack on the European continent since our dear partners in evil, Adolph and the Nazi's invaded we begin the take down of Europe using the death and chaos the world witnessed today.
Understandably for the Ummah there is great celebration with the success of our Muslim fighters attacks against the heart of the EU in Belgium.
We know that many of you need to hide your joy at bringing terror to the heartland of the infidel unbelievers.
Your taqiyya is your jihad, your hatred of all infidels is a must.
Thanks to just a few committed Muslims, Belgium and all of Europe are in terror and fear.

The French, the British, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, they all allow our fighters to return from our caliphate war for Islam in Syria and Iraq without even an arrest.
This is our green light to bring in weapons and bombs easily and to attack.

It is understood that those of you living in the midst of the infidel's should feign sadness, or be silent.
No big grins please, no celebrations near infidel camera's.
You are only to show disapproval of this brave act of jihad if you have to.

We direct all of you to turn the focus of blame away from we Muslims for this attack in Brussels today and turn all attention towards the Jews as being responsible for it because they are building homes (settlements) in land that is no longer under our control. The westerners are stupid enough to believe us and we will use these useful idiots in our jihad against Israel.
BDS has been a great success in Europe. Where they should be protesting against Islam and our carnage jihad, we have them attacking Israel. This tells us that the Europeans are ripe for our young, trained conquerers who roam freely across the EU with great ease to attack.
Truly Europe has become a continent of politically correct fools ruled by fools who are too afraid to see that we Muslims are their enemy. They have yet to identify us as the perpetrators of the attack.

Our friends in Washington, especially President Obama and those in the EU and UN are working closely with us in this cover and protect Islam endeavor.
They continue to assist our Global Islamic Crusade by covering up the true nature of this war.
For that reason every Muslim should thank allah for the ease of our jihad against the decadent, collapsing west.

Please, every good Muslim do your part with Taqiyya to keep the stupid infidels asleep so that we Muslims can continue our global jihad with great success for our god and our dear false prophet, piss be upon him.

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