Thursday, March 24, 2016

Freedom Replaced With Sharia in Conquered Britain

Man who confronted Muslim woman to 'explain' Brussels attacks arrested

The slow and steady shift to submission and enslavement under Islam is evident today in Londonistan.
Call it sharia or creeping sharia, but it's there in a loud and clear way.

British Muslim's Free to Incite

This British Muslim got his wish, Freedom has gone to hell in the U.K.

What if the defeated British spent more time rounding up Islamic terrorists whom they coddle and protect instead of arresting non violent, non Muslim citizens on trumped up charges ?

Maybe, just maybe they could avert another Islamic terrorist attack if they focused on the REAL THREATS ?

He asked her a a question and did not lay a hand on her. The thought police are working hard to keep the lowly, defeated British citizens in their very restricted place while the bold and brazen Islamic death cult prepare many attacks in London and across Britain.

In the U.K. if you are a Muslim you can incite racial hatred and threats on an hourly and daily basis and get away with it.
It's very easy.
But if you happen to be a non-Muslim, you don't even have to 'incite to racial hatred' and the British sharia police will arrest you real fast, just for asking a Muslim a question.

The message here is clear ;
Bad Islam is the religion of the British empire and it is severely protected by the Crown.
No other group gets this special treatment and freedom to incite.

If you are a Muslim in the UK you can use your religion to incite hatred against the infidels and get a pass.

Freedom no longer exists there and the U.K. Caliphate has reminded it's citizens that they are now under submission and dhimmitude.
Even as the pathetic British government of submission and surrender to Islam abuses it's citizens to appease evil, this will not forestall the attacks that Islamic state promises are coming.

British Muslims have a license to incite religious and racial hatred, it's called Islam

...and the cowards who rule Britain find it much easier to go after those who are not a threat the the country.

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