Friday, March 18, 2016

America's Muslim Problem

America has a Muslim problem and the U.S. government is responsible for it by their out of control and unaccountable, open door illegal immigration policy that has continued to bring more and more of these Islamic terrorists into the country.
You would think after 9/11 that common sense would help them make wise decisions, but they are intentionally doing the opposite, which leads me to believe that we are ruled by evil people with an evil agenda.
This is the new America of Obama's change.

Along the Texas coast, game wardens will now carry radiation detectors

Are they looking for Muslim terrorists with dirty bombs who with ease can cross the open Obama border ?

Someone once said that I was anti-government.
No, no, no,  I'm pro-good government !

Thank's to the duplicitous media, the lawless, pathological liar Obama is never held accountable for anything, not a thing.
From President Obama on down, they are guilty of malfeasance, high crimes and misdemeanors, but there is no longer any justice in America.
Loretta Wench is too busy protecting the criminal enterprise that she works for and going after those who expose the truth.

After four months the FBI finally came out with half the truth.

IS inspired California attacker Faisal Mohammad, FBI says

WARNING - Islam is Dangerous to all Living Things

This past Monday I wrote about ;

Mohammed Khweis Jamal

Warning you ahead of time that they would turn this American born Muslim who went to Syria and ended up in Mosul, Iraq working as an Islamic terrorist for Islamic State into a victim.
Well, today the US Government Media Propaganda ministry is doing just that and more, they're turning him into a hero.

Keep in mind that he went there and volunteered after he knew what Islamic State was all about.

No doubt Obama will invite him to the White House and give him a medal.

He's blaming his "mistake" on a girl, but not the jihad religion that motivated him and the media is spinning this lie to keep us under their criminal delusion about the true nature of Islam.

In America we used to be responsible for our actions.
Thats no longer the case.
Now all you have to do is cry a few tears and say it was a mistake and you're off the hook, that is if you are a Muslim.

While the Kurds have described Khweis as an ISIS fighter, he made no mention of any combat activities.

So if Khweis was being sent back to the US on a 'terrorism mission' as an ISIS fighter would he tell the media ?
We know he has been trained to kill, heck, these Muslims train their 4 year old to cut off heads.

I don't have any doubt that he will be free to continue his Islamic duties here in the US where the government imports and sets them loose on the American people on a daily basis.

How sad that the LYING MEDIA have brainwashed so many people!

With the present perverted and twisted condition of this country I seriously doubt that he will be arrested, tried and imprisoned for joining a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization.

God and his IS companions know what crimes against humanity he is guilty of.
How many girls did he rape?
How many innocent people did he kill to prove his loyalty to IS ?

Back to Faisal Mohammad and the FBI

Although 4 months too late, I commend whoever it was at the FBI for their still intact, although damaged conscience in finally telling us the truth that those of us watching already knew back in November.

FBI still protecting terrorism of Islam

More than four months after a black-clad loner with an Islamist-themed manifesto and a printed ISIS flag in his backpack stabbed four people on a California college campus, the FBI wrapped up its investigation Thursday by saying “it may never be possible to definitively determine” what motivated the bloody rampage.

I get it, only the ignorant and clueless need apply to join the FBI 

A Question ;

Why was the Sheriff there in Merced, California so quick to lie to us after his quickie investigation, telling us and the world that this Muslim terrorist was angry about school and studies and that was his motivation?

Will he get fired for his incredibly sloppy job performance to protect the religion of hate or does he get a raise and a promotion ?


Europe's Muslim Problem

Abdeslam is a key suspect in the jihadist attacks in Paris which 130 people died.


America's North Korea Problem

After a US oil embargo on Japan we had the Pearl Harbor attack.
We've gone beyond embargo with N. Korea.
Iran and North Korea are working together with assistance from China and Russia.
Will we see an EMP before the election ?


Completely possible. Small explosion does not mean low yield, it means optimized for gamma burst not thermo reaction. i.e. EMP
The (north korean)satellite passes over the US 3 times a day at an ideal height.
Nothing says that it can't have a nuke on board or that one with a nuke can't be the next launch. 95% death rate in first year makes EMP the most effective and easiest attack by far
It also means Osama never leaves office And if you think Un is bluffing ask yourself why Russia would threaten to invade NKorea and endanger the best relations with China they have ever had?
Because an invasion would also mean war with puppeteer China…. Yeah, its totally possible, good call.
response from B at Discus

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