Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Turkey Following Syria's Self Destruction Model

For decades, Damascus, Syria was headquarters of numerous Islamic terrorists organizations whose one goal was Israel's extermination.
Syria has been paying a very heavy price for this going on five years now.
Qatar and Beirut can't be far behind what Turkey is now facing for it's support of Hamas.

Article from 2002

World should confront terrorist haven of Syria

Not much left of Syria now

For the past five years Syria has been in the process of being exterminated.
Many terrorist attacks against Israel were planned and funded from Damascus.
Syria has been paying a heavy price for this and it's only gotten worse since the Russian's came to town last September.

It seem that Turkey hasn't gotten the message when it comes to headquartering Israel's enemies.

We are beginning to see more and more ISLAMIC terrorist attacks, (Muslims exterminating Muslims) more bombings and destruction hitting Turkish cities and Putin's military isn't far behind to do even more damage.

Ankara blast: At least 28 dead in Turkish capital explosion

Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan shakes hands with Hamas
leader Khaled Mashal, left. AP file photo.

Hamas’s military wing, however, continues to operate from Istanbul,

and Aruri himself comes and goes between Qatar and Turkey. This week, by the way, he is in Istanbul under the protection of Turkish intelligence, which is also securing him.

Ankara Demands 'Unrestricted Access' To Hamas-Controlled Gaza Strip Amid Negotiations

Erdogan meets Hamas leader as Turkey-Israel relations warm

My hope is that the word would get out to those countries who stand with and support Israel's enemies.
It's going to cost you more than you can imagine!

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