Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Obama: Important to Reward Palestinian Terrorism Against Israel

Stop building homes you bad Jews

If you read between the lines, OBAMA is excusing Palestinian terrorism and diverting us away from that to Jews building homes as the real problem.

The Washington dopes with no hope to give anyone

North Korea gets the big bomb and Iran gets the little one,
No, wait, North Korea gets the little one and Iran the big one.

US Secretary of State Kerry says settlement building does not help situation, (but Palestinian jihad against Israel is not the greatest problem?) hours after a terror attack in the West Bank.

The perverted moral equivalence of President Obama

Why does Obama fail to cut off funding to the Palestinian's for their decades of incitement and honoring their dead terrorists for killing Jews ?
Easy answer- because he identifies with them, their agenda and their jihad against Israel.

As a Manchurian, he has to play his crafty, stealthy jihad against Israel by lowering Israel to the same level as the Palestinian's who have long ago declared war against Israel and continue their jihad/intifada out in the open, knowing full well that Obama will never restrain them but that he will always restrain Israel.

Blaming Israel for building homes while giving a passive wink to the bloodthirsty Palestinian murderers and their leaders.

It is obscene evil of America, Kerry, Obama to even broach the subject of Jews building homes on their land as a reason for the violence of Islam.
It was the US that helped create the Hamas problem in Gaza by forcing Israel to retreat for rockets and no peace.
And it is the US that continues to restrain Israel and give a green light to Palestinian violence by ignoring Palestinian incitement, their tepid response, (no threats to hold Palestinian leadership accountable ever) and targeting Jewish homebuilding.

The only hope for the Palestinians is for them to ditch, DUMP Islam, but Obama will never decouple them for what makes them insanely violent.

The crafty serpent, Obama says nothing about the nature of Islam, VIOLENCE, and lumps the Muslims who teach their children to hate and murder together with Jews in his quest to bring more phony hope into his dark agenda that rewards Islamic terrorism and continues to deceptively portray the front line jihad of Islam army, Palestinians as victims.

YO OBAMA, How about liberating Jordan and Saudi Arabia

Shouldn't this despicable President tell the King of Jordan it's past time to abdicate and allow for free and open elections ?

How about the same for Saudi Arabia and your Libya mess, your IS mess, how about taking care of your big mess there before messing up Israel more than you have already.

I really believe the consummate liar B. Hussein Obama would have given the devil tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden a run for his money.

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