Wednesday, February 24, 2016

North Korea, No More Carrots, The Big Sticks Come Out

Stumbling into Armageddon

When War Game's Turn into WW III

metamorphosis: Watching how and when war games in Russia, South Korea, Israel/USA transform into the real thing, and bring us into WW III
...all these war games add up to something, dontcha ya know ?

Kim Jung-Un- a dangerous 'god' with a (nuclear) gun

Carrots or sticks to take on North Korea?

North Korea threatens to carry out attacks on mainland America if US carries out planned military (extremely large "preemptive strike",invasion of North Korea "game") drill with South Korean troops

China sends fighter jets to contested islands in South China Sea

E.U.'s Mogherini: War between Russia and Turkey could be on the horizon

Russia Masses Troops on Turkey's Northern Border

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have told their citizens not to travel to Lebanon.

Do they know something we don't ?

How many times have armies underestimated the response to their stick approach ?
The 'stick' might play well in Hollywood, but it' won't work with the tyrant, little god, dictator of North Korea.
China has taken their attack dog off the leash and he and his General's are now in "attack" mode.
Watch and pray, pray and watch- perilous times are here!

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