Sunday, February 7, 2016

Israel Has Become Too Stupid To Defeat Their Enemies

Hamas calls for suicide bombings in Israeli buses

“The intifada is not an intifada if the bus roof doesn't fly off.”

I saw the aftermath of this horrific and evil Islamic bus bombing of Jews only because they are Jews, innocent men, women and children on Sari Yisrael and Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, hearing the explosion from my room at the Ariel hotel miles away.
The front line Palestinian, Islamic Crusaders NEED to be defeated.
And it had a big effect on my close up view of Islam and Israel's struggle for peace.
The reality is this enemy understands nothing but their complete destruction and defeat, much like we did to Japan and Nazi Germany which ended WW II.
But Israel has lost any common sense and allows this cancer to fester and grow more deadly.

Israel has become too soft and timid, wasting it's time trying to placate an implacable world.
They've played right into the hands of the US, EU, UN perverts who know how to tie Israel in knots while the Palestinian/ Islamic enemy grow bolder and stronger.

Stop playing the phony peace game, dummies, and get to the business of sending the message that Iran, HamasFatah and Hezbollah need to hear!

HamasFatah and Hezbollah laugh at a weak and neutered Israel led by lap dogs who do not have the sense to defeat them, too busy bowing to Washington and Brussels

This enemy smells weakness, from the Persian Gulf to Gaza.

There was a time when Israel understood the need to soundly defeat their enemies, especially those like Hamas who call for the extermination of Israel in their Hamas Charter.
The leftist mental disorder of liberalism made Israel stupid, bordering on insane where it now gives their enemies the rope to hang them.

There have been too many times timid and weak Israeli leaders from 'General Retreat', Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, and Benji the poodle Netanyahu have quickly retreated the IDF when President's Clinton, Bush and Obama sent their Secretaries of State to rescue Hamas and Hezbollah from certain defeat.
The wimpy Prime Ministers of Israel just can't say 'NO' to their Plantation Masters in Washington,

They are so weak, even with supposed allies that they let Jonathan Pollard nearly rot in prison, too fearful to ever give any ultimatum or serious fight on this very important issue to the bully empire. Even to this day the wimps in Jerusalem do not demand the release of Pollard from house arrest.

We shall defeat the stupid, naive and weak Jews with the peace of the grave 
In the middle of Israel's fighting in South Lebanon and Gaza, numerous times Israel failed to crush the enemy and this weakness on Israel's part has only encouraged Israel's enemies.
Netanyahu twice allowed a false ally, America to come in and rescue Hamas and restrain him, once in 2012 and again in 2014.
I said roll over wimpy O, I won't ask you again!

I sure hope Israel replaces the feeble idiots in charge and gets serious about sending a terrifying message to their enemies because nothing else will do wen dealing with the death cult who love death more than they love life.
Give it to them or they will give it to you in spades,Israel.

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