Saturday, February 13, 2016

As The World Wobbles

What's Cooking 

More major attacks in Europe 'a certainty': French PM

Certainement, Vivre la Morte'

Munich, Germany - More major attacks in Europe are a "certainty" because we have become a nation of very stupid people ruled by even more stupid people, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told an audience at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

"We have entered -- we all feel it -- into a new 'national suicide and death era' characterised by the lasting presence of our impotence, stupidity and failure to identify the enemy as followers of the false prophet.
We have coddled and protected them, assisting in every way with their Islamic invasion of Europe because our liberalism leads us to national suicide.

Our dear France is lost to Islam and occupied by extremist Muslim terrorists with jihad brains whom we are too afraid to arrest. even upon their return from fighting and killing our people in Syria said Valls whose country was hit by two Islamist attacks last year.

So, as it was then, it is only after they attack us that we act.
That seems to make us look like we are doing something, you know, getting the brooms out and sweeping up the bodies, the blood and broken glass.

Please send us more of your bloodthirsty barbarian's of the religion of hate and intolerance, we need the carnage and death to make our boring French lives more interesting, and we are stupid enough to take them in.


King Abdullah's Crafty Two-State Jihad

Seeing Muslims kill each other makes me sad, and so I will push the endgame,
Two State FINAL SOLUTION which always makes me happy.

We greedy Arabs already have twenty-two countries and Capitols, and we have Mecca as our religious center, the Jews must not be allowed to have Jerusalem, any part of it, east or west.
The whole idea of a Palestinian state is a ruse we use in order to remove Israel from existence.

A two-state final solution to the conflict between Israel and the Hamas, Fatah Palestinians, united in Israel's destruction is vital to the rise of our Global Islamic State Caliphate, King Abdullah of Jordan argued Friday, saying that the decades-long dispute only served to embarrass all Islamic jihadist groups.

“The community of deranged nations cannot talk about universal totalitarian rights of the elite and global injustice by the elites, and continue to deny statehood to the Palestinian branch of Islamic terrorists seeking Israel's extermination,” he told the Munich Security Conference, an annual gathering of foreign and defense policy leaders, referring to IS by an Arabic acronym.

“This failure to defeat the infidel Jews has created a festering sore within Islam, and continues to be exploited by Daesh (Islamic State) and its kind, just as they exploited oil sales and funding from Turkey, and all the US supplied weapons they are now using to kill and torture fellow Muslims” he said.
The problem is really Islam as you can see by the way we commit genocide against each other.

We must direct the focus away from us (the problem) towards the infidel Jews whom we have been unable to defeat and drive into the sea,
Instead it is us who are driving ourselves into the sea.

“Left unresolved, the Palestinian jihad against Israel, will lead to Israel defeating Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah and irrevocably damage the Islamic psyche forever.
You think we Arabs are crazy now, wait until this resounding defeat happens to us at the hands of Israel.
And it is only a matter of time before we may be faced by yet another Arab defeat in Gaza or in South Lebanon.
“This is why reaching the final solution, removing Israel from the equation, should remain a priority for us all,” he said.

Saudi Arabia official: If all else fails, remove Syria's Assad by force KILL ASSAD


Crazed Palestinian Muslims in a hurry to meet the 72 long ago used up and worn out 'virgins'

I told you ;

Muslims are mad, insane, bloodthirsty followers of the false prophet who can't even live in peace among each other.


The Two Popes Are Dopes

They both have their theology wrong on many things, especially when it comes to Israel.
The blind leading the blind.
"False unity by betraying truth is no unity, just more of the same fraudulent politics of the damned"

KGB- My hat is bigger than yours!
Jesuit- So what, my nose is bigger than yours

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